May 21, 1980 - MINISTOP was established as a wholly-owned
subsidiary of Jusco Co., Ltd. Initially capitalized at
April 1981- Ministop opened the business for franchise
Minutestop a convenience store named by a Californian
consultant first  introduced the famed retail store as "...a
store where everyone stops by for a  minute." Later on, the
name became MINISTOP when the Japanese-owned
company decided to make it less of a tongue twister.
because of this commitment to a customer-focused
management, the companyhas made its competitive
advantage among other convenient stores not only in japan
but in the Philippines as well.

MINISTOP has participated in several environmental
activities      brought   about by its mother company--The
AEON Group of Japan. Since      1998, MINISTOP has been
organizing tree-planting tours for franchisees.     The
commitment to quality extends further to reach
communities where        MINISTOP  is.
For more than 20 years of growth in the convenient store
industry, the     company boasts of nonetheless but
“Customers first” as an applied principle.       The company
has been using this as a guiding principle for MINISTOP’s   
  entire  business operations. The company, united with this
philosophy, has       synergistically based its business
purely on consumer perspective.

January 2005-MINISTOP ties-up with 
ABS-CBN Foundation Sagip Kapamilya
Movement in providing assistance to
families affected by calamities.
July 2005- MINISTOP holds its 1st
Franchising Exhibit at the Galleria Trade
Hall, Robinsons Galleria.
4,902 stores as of 2015
Headquarters Mihama-ku, Chiba,Japan


The word “Minutestop” which means a
shop on a street corner for a quick visit
transformed into “MINISTOP” which
also indicates a place to stop by for a
minute and move on, and which is
easier to pronounce and remember for

The brand symbol on the left is called logo mark (House Mark).
It symbolizes “your refreshment station on a street corner .” It
shows a house and a tree for its motif, with an arc encircling the
MINISTOP inscription.
The logo represents our desire to provide family-like warmth and
It also expresses that MNISTOP is an indispensable existence for
the local community, and provides a variety of products and
services to create a future of limitless promise by transforming

To contribute to the enhancement
of communities by providing customers
with excellent service in a clean, safe
and friendly environment. At the same
time to provide business opportunities
to local entrepreneurs who can
be MINISTOP’s reliable business

To be the leader in the
convenience store industry
preferred by customers in terms of
assortment, price, quality of
products and value added services.

Initial Cost of investment: Php 1 Million to 3 million

Minimum space requirement: 100 sq meters

Contract period:10 years

Payback Period: 3 to 4 years

Preffered locations: near high foot traffic locations such
as malls, offices, condominiums, schools, main roads,
residential areas, hospitals, churches, transport terminals


Step 1: Attend the MINISTOP Franchise Presentation
Step 2: Submission of Letter of Intent
Step 3: Conduct Site Feasibility Study
Step 4: Interview with Area Franchise Manager
Step 5: Panel Discussion with Department Heads
Step 6: Introduction of Mancomm
Step 7: Signing of Franchise Agreement
Step 8: Payment of Franchise Investment
Step 9: Training of Franchisee and Personnel
Step 10: Submission of Required Permits & other


You must have an entrepreneurial mindset, always seeing
past the trends and predicting the possibilities to make
moves for the future of the franchise and to do that you
must be passionate and driven to achieve excellence.
It is also important that you as a franchisee must have time
to devote to manage 24/7 retail operations, which means
there is the possibility that you would be up early morning
or late at night managing the store operations.
The franchisee must be capable of financing the franchise
investment and is willing to abide Ministop’s standards,
policies and procedures.
No shortcuts and always wanting to give 100% for
customer satisfaction