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Characteristics  Local sheriff who accompanied the County Attorney in the investigation  Mrs. Peter’s husband  Less vocal and bombastic compared to Mr. Henderson  Prejudice women and judgemental towards .

 The sheriff symbolize men that are ignorant. This is because he don’t speak much in the play. This tells us that he don’t really care about what had happened as long as the case is solved .What does the character symbolize in the Society?  He doesn’t care about other’s opinion  He is the type of person who don’t take much care of small stuff.

Hollywood Actor .

Jeffrey Leon Bridges (Jeff Bridges) .

A California  Jeff has a very relaxed and mellow character suitable to act out the Sheriff’s character in the Play as the sheriff too is not that outspoken compared to Mr. Henderson.  He has this face that symbolize idealistic men that looks down on women. . 1949 in L. Jeff already have the look to qualify as a typical old-days sheriff  He was born on December 4.Why we chose him?  As the sheriff.