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Name:- Gopalchandra Suthar

Class:- SYBMS
Roll No.:- 04

Organisational Behaviour
Human Resource Management
Organisational Behaviour

About the Company

KFC is a fast food restaurant chain that specializes
in fried chicken
Headquarter are in the US.
It is the world's second largest restaurant chain.
Muktesh Pant (CEO).

To enhance employee motivation KFC is using one
to one meetings strategy.
They have staff incentive programs.
Includes the cleaning, hotel, maintenance,
accuracy, speed of service and product quality etc.
KFC sends e-mail, together with the memorandum
to the employees, the crew incentive programs etc.
The company uses bottom-up approach and a top
to down in strategic decision-making .

They build the Yum! University that provides the
training and development programs.
They provide group of interactive session,
institutionalized open conversation.
They provides a completely transparent interface
in those to leadership positions, and including all
of the restaurant manager and the Chairman.
Also enhance open communication, and give
everyone the opportunity to express concerns and
their ideas.

Learning & Knowledge Management

KFC provides training to all the staffs.
They offer each employee a form entitled
"Training Needs Assessment.
They also provide some basic training to staff like
the restaurant level and also provides the incentive
They also have a guest speaker with the CEO and
senior management meetings of different

In addition, the company provides comprehensive

training in the following areas:

Leadership Development.
Coaching Skills.
Interaction Management.
Fire Safety.
First Aid training.
Food Safety.
Human Resources, Workplace Health & Safety.
Information Systems.
Financial & Operations Accounting.

Culture & Diversity

KFC offers different Diversity of food choices,
different cultures in the rest of the world.
KFC has workers from different parts of the
world with different culture.
They took decisions only after considering the
values and norms of different culture.
There are 7,741 KFC in other location or

Benefits To Employees

Health benefits i.e. medical and dental insurance.

Also provides discounted gym and fitness services.
They also offer disability and accident insurance.
They also provide retirement benefits to some of
there employees.
Even provides assistance which include medical,
college or even personal bills that an employee is
struggling to pay. Paid vacation is offered along with
holiday pay.
Child care programs are also available.

Employees Response
Lower employees are unhappy as most of the
benefits are only offered for qualified employees.
Qualified employees are very much satisfied with
the benefits offered by KFC.
Every employees are very much satisfied with
the health insurance provided as compared to
other fast food outlets.

By this report we came to know a lot about KFC,
likewise their motivational strategies which uses a
one to one meeting strategy, crew incentive
programs etc.
Unlike most of the other companies KFC follows
bottom up and top to down strategy for decision
We also come to know that people from different
country and culture come together and work in

Thank You