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Bengali Cuisine is a culinary style originating in Bengal,

with an emphasis of fish, vegetables and lentils served
with rice as a staple diet. Bengali cuisine is also known for
its huge spread of confectionaries and desserts. It also has
the only traditionally developed multi-course tradition
from India.

Characteristics of Bengali Cuisine

Rice is the staple, with many regions growing speciality rice varieties.
Milk, is an important source of nutrition and also key ingredient in Bengalis

plethora of desserts.
Unique in Bengalis food habit is that nearly every community will eat meat or
Bengals countless rivers, ponds and lakes teem with innumerable varieties of
fish such roi, ilish, koi or pabda.
Bengali cuisine is appreciated for its fabulous use of panchphoron, a term used
to refer to the five essential spices i.e mustard, fenugreek seed, cumin seed,
aniseed and black cumin seed.
Most of the cooking is done in mustard oil.
Some Bengalis prefer eating steamed fish to avoid the intake of extra calories.
The fish market is stocked with fishes like salmon, hilsa, bhakti, magur, carp,
rui, prawns.

Traditional Dishes

Hilsa (ilish) Paturi

A superb fish culinary
originated from Bengal.
Ilish Paturi is a popular
and traditional way of
making hilsa curry in
The banana leaves retain
the flavor of the fish as
well as the spices.

Chingri Macher Malai

Chingri macher malai
curry is a classic dish from
the Bengali cuisine made
with the combination of
prawn and coconut cooked
together in subtle spices to
make this dish bliss to the

Kosha Mangsho
Kosha Mangsho is a classic
mutton preparation fron
the Bengali cuisine.
It has an excellent taste
and unforgettable aroma
and accompanied with
paratha or rumali roti.

Macher Jhol
Macher Jhol is a traditional
dish from the Bengali
It is a spicy fish stew
served with rice.

Bengali Cholar
A classical dal preparation
from Bengal with channa
dal and garnished with
coconut and sweetened
with jaggery, served with
soft luchis.

Baigun Bhajja
Baigun is a popularily used
vegetable in Indian
cooking. Bengali eggplant
fry is a side dish that can
be eaten with rice,
chapatis or just as a snack.

Chum Chum
It is a traditional Bengali
It is prepared with freshly
prepared chena.
It is more delicious then
normal rasgullas.

Soft and traditional
Bengali sweet dish
prepared Sandesh
prepared with fresh chena
can be prepared with any

Bengali rasgulla are made
from fresh chena with
mixing ararot.
They can also be made
without mixing ararot.