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Identification of presence of brain

tumors in MRI images using contrast

enhancement technique

MRI noninvasive medical imaging
Helps to visualize detailed internal structure
of the body
Tumor region is characterized by necrotic
region, active region, and edema
These regions are distinguished by contrast
and texture
Hence, contrast and texture can be made a
basis for tumor classification

Literature survey



Survey of MRI based

brain tumor

Lui, Li, Wang, Wu, Liu, Studied the effect of

Pan, IEEE 2015
different segmentation
methods on
computation time

Automatic detection
Banik, Hasan, IEEE
extraction and
mapping of brain
tumor from MRI using
cascaded fitering

Separation of tumor
from white matter, grey
matter, and background
using modified
homomorphic filter in

Brain tumor in MRI

and statistical

Use of texture analysis

and multi-resolution
analysis for tumor

Zheng, Iftikharuddin,
IEEE Biometrics 2004


MRI image enhancement using
histogram equalization
Image segmentation using clustering
Feature extraction using texture
Dimension reduction using principal
component analysis
Classification using support vector

Proposed methodology

Expected outcomes

Contrast enhancement module

Image segmentation module
Feature extraction module
Dimension reduction module
SVM based classifier
Comparative results with previous

Work plan
Literature review
Study and implementation of image enhancement algorithm
Study and implementation of clustering algorithm
Study and implementation of texture feature algorithm OctNov
Study and implementation of dimension reduction algorithm
Study and implementation of classification algorithm
Training and testing of classifier
Result analysis
Thesis writing


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