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What do you understand by knowledge

to manage self and knowledge to manage
the system.In what way they are related to
the process of Integration and Islamisation
Presenters: Mohamed Solih
Nahdi Samae
Instructor : Professor Dato Dr Sidek Baba


It lacks comprehensive and balanced growth of humanity

The essence of the school curriculum is dichotomous

( too religious or too secular)

To resolve dualism Malaysian introduced integrated

education institutions five decades ago

Graduates from these institutions are not satisfying the

peoples expectations in terms of achievements

The Problem was

They do not posses
The sense of Complementing each other &
Ability to manage personal affairs and manage the social
and state affairs competently

The reason was..

It was because of the worldview of the graduates that
should be acquired through

(Knowledge & Education)
Knowledge to
Manage self

Knowledge to
(derived and
by Quran)

Quran is the most comprehensive source of knowledge and

The purpose of education in Quran is to develop human kind
and entire civilisation
The integration idea approaches towards integration of worldly
life and hereafter and also aims to enable human to manage self

Epistemic belief and personality problem

Prerequisite for success

Driving force of the development of a nation

Relate to the achievement motivation considered as a virus which causes individual

Achievement motivation is also linkedtoto
be competitive ,hardworking and have more
personal epistemology belief










epistemology that affect the degree of

achievement motivation
But Muslim Khalifa should not be less
motivated in worldly affairs either




emphasised it and provided framework of

integration in the name of Islamisation
of knowledge , Islamisation of education ,
eclectic mode and decline mind and soul

-An empirical study shows

that students who are not
studying religious studies and
have low personal
epistemological belief have
high achievement motivation
than those have high religious
belief and studying religious

Current problem
1. It has been observed that learners of Quran and
students of islamic education system cannot show their
action in line with the Quranic teaching and essence
Ibn Sina and Al khawarizmi memorized Quran at the age of 8 or 10 ,then they started
understanding it,then they continued to ponder the essence of Quran and become God
conscious so they were able to manage self with regards to Quran and used Quran as a
guide to go further in worldly knowledge to manage system

The Topology of teaching and learning should be

memorisation understanding articulation internalisation

The taxonomy reflects the comprehensive method of teaching and

learning process given by Quran and practise by Prophet (SAW)

It incorporate the ways of tadabbur ,tafakkur ,fikr and zikr
Allah mentioned it in Quran as

2. Education and content of knowledge must be value laden,due to

Commodification of education makes it value free,without knowledge of value
we cannot employ ethics,because ethics is derived from values
The student must posses value which
should be expressed in daily
activities.The value is the pillars of
worldview .This worldview will help
to produce goods for the benefit
For them
and welfare of the human

Muslim perspectives ,source of ethics are

the Quranic values,to develop our
civilisation we must know the islamic
ethics,values and morality.Without
knowing the islamic standard of using
They will consider the technology as a mean not and producing modern technological
products we become slave of west
end,if they are not abe to produce goods they will use

the goods for a good purpose,ethical purpose ,when

they learn worldly sciences they learned base on the
epistemological base.This epistemological base is the









So value-based education will remind student

their duties and responsibilities towards them and

Human as a khalifa must

distribute, consumpt and
utilise the resources .On
the day of judgment allah
will not only ask about
self activities but also
about resources HE has

Concept of the self and the system

Allah blessed us with wealth and that demand

system to be managed by them
we dont find ourselves successful if we only
manage self
But we need knowledge to manage system

However the Madrasahes in different part of the

world now,focus more on knowledge to manage
self-such as belief on allah, aqidah, how to perform
salat, siam ,Hajj etc these are very basic of Deen
But we need basis of shariah ,Shariah contains

If we find Ruhaniyya
dimension of all
muslims all over the
world,we will find the
level is high,but
conduct,punctuality and
relationships of
muslims we will find it

rules and regulations so it requires values and

This shows that the achievement of ibadah and
not have any impact on practical worldly life.
d Abdhuhu

shariah do

In some places muslims do not follow the laws and rules given by the government and system
such as
*in traffic jam

Prophet says
Addabani Rabbi FaAdhabani Rabbi
Adab means discipline of mind,emotion ,soul, amal and action.
-Muslims have problems in discipline which causes problem in way of life.


-When we mention about how to manage the system,it means we have to expose our basis of
knowledge to manage self and to the knowledge to manage system
When we learn shariah,we have to learn how the shariah is related to science and technology
At present people are more emphasising on technical and technological development,achieving
high in technology is in KPI index,who brought you KPI,do they know islamic Shariah technology
*besides hi-tech we need hi-touch
hi-touch is firstly human relationship,insaniyyat,ruhaniyyat,something humanistic
second Hi touch requires cooperation and helping each other

Concept of Self
It is human characteristics, including personality,
abilities etc.
Self consists of three fundamentals:
Knowledge (cognition, awareness or consciousness)
States (affect and emotion)
Deed: the action resulted from our knowledge and emotion

Concept of System
A method of doing thing
A combination of interrelated, interdependent, or
interacting element forming a collective entity.
For instance, economic, social, politic and education.
Systems benefit civilization, ease our life, control

System from Maqasid

Maqasid Shariah concerns preservation of wealth, life,
society and human resource.
Islam combines aqidah, shariah and akhlaq into the
whole of human life.
Quran mention the basic rules and Sunnah describe
how human should conduct their lives.
Maqasid infer that system should derived from these
two sources

Responsibility of Man
Allah mentions about pondering the why factors. So
that the integration will take place.
Benefiting the human and civilization. The aim of
Muslims is to serve the ummah.
Human as the Khalifah of Allah. He has to take the
responsibility of others.
Discipline the soul and body, mind and action. Present
knowledge is erroneous caused by wrong
epistemological foundation.

Eclectic Model
Eclectic system is employing different elements from a
variety of sources to heal the malaise of imbalance
educational approach.
Prof Taha Jabir proposed understand knowledge to
manage self within traditional context and also western
Muslim are not against the West but cautious of
Muslim countries are divided and thus not concentrate
on construction and development.

Makkah Conference
The phenomenon brought malaise to Muslim education
This conference aimed at making vigorous efforts to
integrate and Islamize Muslim education.
In 70s and 80s the inclination towards Islamic
awakening has become universal phenomenon.