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Zeta Khwarizmi Sulthan

An earthquake is a vibration or
shocks that occur on the surface of the
earth due to the release of energy from
the sudden that creates seismic
waves . Earthquake normal due to the
movement of the Earth's crust ( the
Earth's plates ).
seismometers. Rickter scale is a scale
used to indicate the strength of the
earthquake .

Types of Earthquake

Based on cause
Tectonic earthquake
This earthquake was caused by tectonic activity , namely plate - tectonic
plate shifts dramatically with strength from the very small to very large .
This earthquake caused much damage or natural disasters on Earth , the
Earth's strong earthquake vibrations are able to creep throughout the Earth
. Tectonic earthquake caused by the release of energy that occurs because
of tectonic plates shifting plates as befits rubber band pulled and released
Earthquake punches
Earthquakes are caused by the collision meteor or asteroid that fell to
Earth , the type of rare earth quakes
Earthquake rubble
Earthquakes usually occur in limestone areas or in areas of mining ,
earthquakes this rare and local in nature .

Types of Earthquake
Artificial earthquake
Artificial earthquakes are caused by the earthquake of
human activity , such as dynamite blasting , nuclear or
dipukulkan hammer into the ground .
Volcanic earthquakes ( volcanic )
Earthquakes are caused by the availability of magma
activity , which usually occurs before the volcano
erupts. When higher then the activity will cause the
boom will also give rise to an earthquake . Earthquake
is only felt around the volcano .

Types of Earthquake
Based on Depth
Earthquakes in
The earthquake was an earthquake that hiposentrumnya are more than
300 miles below the earth's surface . Earthquakes in generally not too
Intermediate earthquakes
Medium earthquake is an earthquake that hiposentrumnya be between
60 km to 300 km below the earth's surface intermediate bumi.gempa
generally cause minor damage and vibration more pronounced .
Shallow earthquakes
Shallow earthquakes are earthquakes that hiposentrumnya are less
than 60 km from the earth's surface . These earthquakes usually cause
major damage .

Epicenter is the point on the earth's
surface that is directly above or below
the local events that affect the earth's
surface . Epicenter is located on the
surface of the earth , in the location of
the earthquake . Contrary to Hypocenter
( hiposentrum ) which became the
epicenter and that occurs in the earth .

Hypocenter derived from the Greek
word that is which
means " at the center " , is a point on
the earth at the center of the
earthquake . Point on Earth's surface
directly above the hypocenter is
called the epicenter . Hiposentrum is
a source of deep earthquakes in
particular . Epicenter location
determined by measuring seismic