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Quote, Paraphrase, Summarize

EXACTLY what is said in the text.
In-Text Citation
Quotes should be no more than 3 typed lines. Before putting the quote you should
write 3+ lines summarizing the text and introducing the idea. After the quote you
have your citation. THEN you need to explain why you are using the quote-- What
does it say? What does it prove?

The meaning is the same but the words are different.
Citation with footnotes.

After you paraphrase a section of the text you put the citation in the “footer” of the
page and assign it a number. That number should be typed at the end of your

Shortened version of the text that does not include your opinion.

Center of triangle:
Examples for how you
could introduce a quote
According to __________(text),
___________(author) says,

On page ____ of ________ (text) it says,

APA Citation Page 54

APA Citation
Sources need to be credible!
*Published text
*Official website-- not someone’s blog
*Clear author and publishing information

APA Citation Generators

MAKE SURE YOU SELECT APA (the default for many of these is MLA)
You may have to manually input information for the citation to be comeplete
(typically the author or page number). Though, many site just need the URL or
book title.

See the link below this presentation on the weebly for more