 This

meeting is required by the Minnesota
Department of Education.
 This morning we will review:
1. What’s new or changed
2. View Test Security Videos
3. Testing policies and procedures
4. Your responsibilities as a test monitor
5. Testing schedules Pull-out groups and

Accountability Assessments

All MCA and MTAS are series III
No MCA-Modified administered
Both the reading and math assessment
are adaptable within grade levels this year.



The Window for MTAS Mathematics, Reading, Science and for
MCA Reading and Math is March 7 – May 6
The Window for MCA Science: March 7 – May 13
Our testing schedule is posted on the Oak Ridge website.(See
schedule in your folder for specific dates and times pertaining
to your class.)


Testing Procedures: Getting
Started on Test Days
 Please

be on time to the computer lab as
time is valuable in making sure that the
students can complete the testing in the
scheduled time.
 Please bring students who are testing with a
different proctor to the Computer Lab at the
same time.
 Please watch the directions video (~8min.) in
class immediately prior to coming to the lab.

Testing Procedures: Getting
Started on Test Days
 Please

have students use the restroom
before coming to the computer lab.
 We will try to avoid changes to the testing
schedule. MDE checks testing schedules
for auditing purposes.


Computer Lab – Testing
 Make

sure students are sitting at their
designated computer for testing. (Please give
seating chart to Jodi TODAY if you haven’t.)
 For privacy, folders have been secured to the
sides of monitor stations to serve as blinders
for wandering eyes.


Online Testing Procedures

Standard text to speech is available to all
students for online math and science.

Accommodated text to speech is available to
select special ed. and ELL students for online
math and science. Special education and EL
teachers identified which students would
benefit from this accommodation, and it is
already programmed into their assessment.


Online Testing Procedures
 Nothing

can be said to students except for
what is in the teacher directions. Repeat as
often as you would like.
 There is a copy of the teacher directions
in your folder.


Testing Procedures: Use of
the Bathroom
 Please

take your class to the restroom
before testing begins.
 If a student must use the bathroom during
testing, let him or her go. Only one student
may leave your classroom at a time. A
staff member will monitor the student who
leaves the computer lab.
 For online testing, a student must resume the
test within 20 minutes or else.

Testing Procedures:
When Students Finish
 The

MCA is an untimed test. Students must
be given the time they need provided they
continue to make progress.
 Students should not be leaving the computer
lab or doing other activities on the computer.
 When students have finished they need to sit


Test Procedures:
Make-Up Tests

Every effort must be made to make up testing students
miss - 100% participation.
Please be proactive. Let students know that it is very
important for them to be on time and present on test
Jodi and I will take care of logistics of student absences
and make-up test sessions.


Test Administration Actions that REQUIRE
INVALIDATION of a students test:

Cell phones, apple watches, etc. and any other electronic devices
are not allowed during test administration
Students or Test Monitors
Tests must be invalidated if student has a cell phone or other
electronic device out, even if not used
Handheld calculators cannot be used with online-testing in
grades 3-8
Test must be invalidated if student has a calculator out when not
allowed, even if not used
MDE has the authority to require a student’s test be invalidated if the
test’s validity has been compromised or policies are not followed


Potential Problems During
Testing and What To Do
A student is insubordinate or disruptive: call
the office and someone will assist him or her.
 A computer issue occurs…be PATIENT and
we will find a solution as quickly as possible.
(Hopefully this will not be an issue)



If you suspect an incident of cheating or
other unethical behavior, please tell Jodi
or I. We will then notify the district
assessment center.
We should always notify the district
office first, not MDE.





Your participation in the testing process is critical.

You must be moving around the room
 Make sure students are working on the correct
 If you need to point something out to a student,
you must adhere strictly to the teacher directions.
 You MAY NOT text, email, read, work on lesson
plans or grade papers once testing begins.



Test Monitors may assist a student with online tools, the
accessibility panel, or navigation ONLY if students cannot
Access an item
Respond to an item
Move within the test

Considerations about the accessibility panel:
Students may need to reset Zoom to 100 percent
Remove High Contrast setting if shading on items cannot be seen


Pause Rule for Online
Mathematics MCA
Students must complete a section
Test is divided into four sections.
Students must exit the test on the first item in
the next section.
Have students raise their hand at the end of a
section. If there is enough time, they can
proceed on.

Pause Rule for Online
Assessments continued…
Reading MCA

must complete a section.
Each passage and associated items are in their own
There are 6 – 8 sections.
Student reviews items, goes to next section and exits
on the title page for the next passage(s).
Have students raise their hands when they reach a
title page. If there is enough time, allow them to go on.

Pause Rule for Online
Assessments continued…
Science MCA
Students must complete a section.
There are 2 sections.
Students review items, go to the next section,
and exit on the title page for the first scenario in
the next section.




MCA Test Specifics…
MCA Reading Specifics – Grades 3 – 5
8 passages per grade level
Time estimate = 3 to 4hours over two testing sessions
MCA Science Specifics – Grade 5 only
Section 1 = 24 – 28 items
Section 2 = 25 – 27 items
Time estimate = 1 ½ hours for one testing session
MCA Math Specifics – Grades 3 – 5
Section 1 = 15 items
Section 2 = 15 items
Section 3 = 5 items
Section 4 = 13 items
Section 5 = 10 items
Time estimate = 1 ½ to 2 hours over two sessions


Test Materials – Scratch Paper
 The

following materials may be used as
scratch paper:

Blank Paper
Individual white boards (must be blank before and after administration)
Graph Paper (blank except for the grid)
Mathematics Formula Sheets (if hard copies are provided, must be a printed
version of the current-year formula sheets posted on Pearson’s website)
Student login information sheet

Students must put their name on the scratch paper.
Scratch paper must be shredded by Donnie.

Test Materials: Calculators
During online Math test
 The

online calculator is available in the
segment(s) that allow calculator use.
 If an IEP or 504 plan states that a
handheld calculator must be used, a
paper/pencil test must be administered to
the student.


Materials Not Allowed

Cell phones, apple watches, etc. (must be turned
off and out of reach) Be safe and LEAVE in them
your room, including your personal cell phone.

Other electronic devices (must be turned off)

NO wall charts, posters, etc. Cover everything
or take it down. There is no longer a list of
acceptable charts…when in doubt, take it down
or cover it up.

New to Country Students

New-to-Country students (who are identified EL
and who first enrolled in a U.S. school within 12
months from April 13, 2015) are not required to
take Reading MCA/MTAS if they have:
Valid score on Reading test of ACCESS
Invalid test code on Reading test of ACCESS
Expected to take the Reading MCA/MTAS if they
have any other test codes on Reading test of

Audit Possibility
The state of MN will be sending out auditors to
testing sites. If they show up our school, here are
the kinds of things they will be looking for:
•Proctors circulating periodically.
•Student login info. not left laying around between
•"Illegal" posters on walls.
•Proctors sticking to the script.
•Students working on correct segment.
•Seating configuration