Types of Early Childhood

Objective 1.01
4th block

Family Child Care Home Alexis
Alexis Bullock
Family child care providers care for children in the provider's' own home.
The hours are more flexible, the offer evening and weekend care for mothers who work 2nd or 3rd shift
Low adult to child ratio

In-home child care
Alexis Bullock
A nanny is a child care specialist whose workplace is a family's private home
Au pair a nanny from another country
Anyone can hire a nanny or au pair
Hours vary based on parent schedule
Located in childś home

Child Care Center (Kenyu)
A child care center is the caring for or supervision of a child from 6 weeks to 13.
The hours are usually from 7am to 6pm
They are in various settings like around town
Rainbow Child Care Center and Crestview Child Care

Employer-Sponsored Center

Privately Sponsored Center (Shelley)

Child Care Cooperative (Shelley)
What is a parent cooperative preschool?
It is an organized group of families with similar philosophies who hire
a trained teacher/careworker to provide their child with a quality
experience for their needs.
6am-6pm are the best number of hours, no more than 12 hours
typically .
Arizona, California, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, ect.
None are available in Wilson, there are some located in Durham, NC.

High School Child Care Center (Brittany)

A High School Child Care Center is a child care center that is built into a
high school.


This program is for students of the high school to work in and learn
about working with children.


The typical hours of this center are school hours although some run
over for the parent’s convenience.


These programs are usually located in high schools


A local child care center is the Beddingfield Baby Bruins.

Laboratory School (Brittany)

A child care center located in a college or university.


This kind of child care center is usually for undergraduates or graduates
in order for them to train in child development.


The hours are usually from 7:30-5:30


These types of programs are typically located in colleges or universities.


A local program such as this is the NCCU Child Development Laboratory.

Back-up Child Care Center

Preschool/Nursery School( ana )
This is for children age 3-4 age before they can go to kindergarten
Preschool is meant to promote development in children through planned programs
Many offer a Part-time Schedule as well as a full-day care
Typically located in Churches, Schools, Private child care facilities anywhere in the
United States
● Example: Wee School

Crisis Nursery Emoni
- Crisis Nursery is a nursery that is committed to the prevention of
child abuse and neglect and provides emergency intervention.
- The program is for young children who have been through child
- Volunteers contributed 2,128 hours to help children

- A local center Is a crisis nursery center in Greenville, nc

Preschool for Special Needs (Kenyu)
It’s a preschool for children with a disabilities, three years of age until the age of eligibility for kindergarten.
The hours are school hours.
These schools are typically located in schools
Jones Elementary School and Winstead Elementary School

Head Start(ana)
Head start is a program of the United States Department of health and human
services that provides comprehensive early childhood education, health, nutrition.
This program is for low-income children and their families.
Most children enrolled in in head start attend a half-day center-based program
however some communities may operate a full-day.
They are typically located in urban and rural areas in all 50 states.
EX: East Coast Migrant Head Start

Montessori Preschool
Self-guided program that allows children to do hands on learning.
Who is this program for? Any student
What are the typical hours? Typical Daycare hours (all-day
Where are they typically located? Can be in any type of location
Name of a local center of this type Building Blocks for Tots


Public School Kindergarten (Lahkya)
About Program/ For
Designed for preschool educational approach traditionally based on playing, singing, practical activities
such as drawing, and social interaction as part of the transition from home to school.
Must be five-years-old
Typical Hours/ Location
Located in pubic schools
Local Center
Wilson Elementary

Public School Pre-Kindergarten (Lahkya)
About Program/ For
Designed to provide high-quality educational experiences to enhance school readiness.
Eligible for four-year-old children.
Typical Hours/ Location
Urban and Rural Areas in public schools
Local Center
Wee School

School-Age Child Care Program Emoni
- Was developed as a means of support for parents who are working
or preparing for employment.
- It is for the children age through age 5-7
- The typical hours are before school which is 7am until 6:15pm
- You can find a child care program anywhere in the state.