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Analytical Techniques

• An analytical technique
(analytical method) is a procedure
or a method for the analysis of
some problem, status or a fact.
Analytical techniques are usually
time-limited and task-limited. They
are used once to solve a specific

• Basic and most widely used analytical methods / techniques include: • BCG matrix • Brainstorming • Benchmarking • Gap Analysis • Mind Maps • Pareto principle. Pareto principle 80-20 rule • Six Questions • SWOT Analysis .

Utilizing its market research and equipment design and testing expertise. Design Services Network worked with an OEM to create and manage a streamlined product development process – from market research and assessment to prototype design and development – to create a customized solution for the OEM. The finished product allowed the OEM to enter a new product market. The project was completed following the customer’s specifications and internal protocol.• In Copeland Coperation many techniques are used1.Gap Analysis is a simple methodology that is useful in the situations where some strategies or changes are planned. . GAP analysis.

i. It aims to evaluate each product. BCG Matrix-The BCG Matrix was developed by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and is used for the evaluation of the organization's product portfolio in marketing and sales planning.2.e. . the goods and services of the business in two dimensions.

• In Copeland Coperation they use BCG Matrix technique by offers design and testing capabilities to help customers do business better. As an industry leader. They also have the ability to share their design and testing expertise with there customers – through Emerson Climate Technologies’ Design Services Network. . Emerson Climate Technologies has the knowledge and expertise to create the most innovative and up-to-date solutions for their customers.

we provide affordable. forward-looking customized solutions that take advantage of industry-transforming technologies. . Backed by the resources and strengths of Emerson Climate Technologies. design and testing services for HVACR. cooling and refrigeration engineering.Design Services Network is a network of highly experienced senior engineers working in stateof-the-art facilities to provide comprehensive heating. industrial and scientific equipment manufacturers.