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Research Throughout

the Invisible Cities
Polly Gwinnett

Andrew Williamson – Who’s Who?
Andrew Williamson is a freelance architect and concept
artist. For the Harry Potter films, he created most of the
concept drawings and paintings, working from 'The
Chamber of Secrets' to 'The Deathly Hallows part 2'.
( Figure 1). He also created illustrations and sketches for
the 'Harry Potter: A Pop-Up-Book'. (Figure 2).
He graduated from Cambridge University as a qualified
architect in 1990, and after that worked on various
commercial projects before going freelance during 1997.
He then went on to work for Stuart Craig (Production
Designer) who hired him as an artist/illustrator for the
Harry Potter films in 2001.
His work is quite realistic, with some evident brush
strokes made obvious throughout the paintings. He
focuses on angles that would come from a point of view
shot, putting the viewer into the world he is trying to
His architectural background is evident within his work.
The pencil marks and drawings of buildings all seem quite
technical and thought through thoroughly. (Figure 4) The
colour used within all of his drawings and paintings bring
mood and feeling to each one. Bringing another
dimension to the paintings, and places the viewer further
into this world.

John Sweeney – Who’s Who?
American artist John Sweeney was the main concept artist for the
video game 'The Last of Us'' and worked with naughty dog since
April 2012. He also worked with E3 from 2012-2014, and also
created monthly editorial illustrations for David C. Cook, that get
distributed across the internet to different church communities.
This occurred between 2011-2012. On his linked In profile his
summary states ''To constantly improve my concept and design
skills through fulfilling and challenging projects in the
entertainment industry. I love to travel, and experience new places
that will give me a greater visual vocabulary, and help me
generate more global and unique ideas for my concepts.'' (1).
His work for 'The Last of Us'' was very hyper-realistic. His
concepts featured a lot of foliage aiding the post-apocalyptic
zombie world that the game is set. Within his paintings nature has
very much taken over, showing us that the game is set a long time
after the 'apocalypse' happened.
His paintings also feature multiple layers of detail. You can see
how he created each layer to create a more realistic look. On the
other hand, some of his other paintings have clear indications of
brush strokes giving them more expression and interest. His work
has created the main basis look of the game, and each of his
paintings manages to capture emotion and feeling.

Dr Suess Land

Wreck It Ralph

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Brighton Pier

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