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AIX and Windows. which is a relational database (RDBMS) is considered today as an Object-SQL Database.  In 1990 DB2 evolved as Universal Database DB2 Server.Introduction  The database products for servers produced by IBM is known as IMB DB2 series of databases.  The DB2 was a product developed by IBM as platform specific to their servers and proprietary OS. data analysis. The latest version of IBM DB2 is 10.  The IBM database is primarily used in Mainframe servers.  The goal was to make IMB DB2 work as a cross platform database and was intended to work on any OS such as Linux. data retrieval in an efficient manner.  The DB2 primarily does tasks such as data storage.  The IBM DB2 or IBM Database 2.5 and is used by multiple companies today . UNIX.

Version history of IBM DB2 family .

Architecture and working of IBM DB2 .

Selecting IBM DB2 for organizations  Organizations consider its features as well as the requirement for selecting the required version .

Different versions of IBM DB2  Advanced Enterprise Server Edition and Enterprise Server Edition (AESE / ESE)  Workgroup Server Edition (WSE)  Express –C Edition  Express editions  Enterprise Developer Edition .

Companies that use IBM DB2  Morgan Stanley  Post bank  Ceca bank  Coca Cola .

before triggers.  The database management interface of DB2 can be used to access data directly with the help of SQL  Can also be embedded in the code of other application programs such as COBOL & Java.  IBM also offers DB2 as a part of a pre-configured bundle along with the operating system.  AIX.Advantages Of IBM DB2  Multiple Platform Support  Several versions of DB2 are produced by IBM which run on all known platforms.  Self-Tuning Memory Management  As compared to other databases which supports transactional or analytical queries or Oracle. which makes DB2 one of the powerful RDBMS. Linux & Sun are some of the platforms which support DB2. . other than Windows based platform.  The maintenance cost of DB2 is also very less as well as hardware up-gradation is also cost effective.  Powerful Structure Query Language  It comprise of several features like object tables. Java method support & support for arrays which are not supported by MS SQL. DB2 is much cheaper. which on the whole produces improved performance since the OS is configured for DB2 database support.

but the major problem lies in the fact that it is not clearly mentioned which one is recommended by IBM. up-skilling of Oracle databases to DB2 can be considered which is comparatively an easy task rather than finding pure DB2 databases. where in many instances it is seen that developers end up using a less efficient tool for performance or monitoring system.Disadvantages Of IBM DB2  There has been confusion regarding the effective usage of the monitoring tools in DB2.  The availability of good DB2 databases for a new project is very low when compared to Oracle or SQL-server databases. There are several efficient as well as less effective monitoring tools in DB2. In order to increase the availability of DB2 databases. .

 Provides insights into new areas of business. . Such Data will move into the system quickly. thus leading to more queries. search data through rows and columns was easy.Case Study : Coca Cola  A brand which was in a search of a technology that will give away the following 4 things:  Save the Money  Reliable technology  Easy to use  Standout performance  Coca cola used the DB2 with BLU acceleration to test a huge 7 gigabytes of data that was compressed to half a gigabyte.  With BLU.

Case Study : University of Toronto Revolutionizing analytics with 106-times faster reporting on student enrolment data  Home to approximately 65.  The students are evaluated using analytics with the help of key performance indicators like.  Acceptance rate of 30. 11.  Queries take a lot of time to execute. students’ performance on their chosen courses etc.This resulted in inefficiency and also waste of time during admission seasons. Average for all engineering schools (63.. 15.000 postgraduates.000 undergraduates.5%).500 faculty members.1%.  Data warehouse of the institution is growing 50% each year. course enrolment by subject.000 administrative staff members. and 6. .

 By freeing up that time. . resources will be able to run more reports and perform much deeper analyses more efficiently.Case Study : University of Toronto Revolutionizing analytics with 106-times faster reporting on student enrolment data  The latest version of IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration was chosen as the platform.  The test results of using IBM DB2 exceeded the targeted performance.  The university has stated that using IBM DB2 has delivered a 15% increase in performance for their overall reporting process.  It was also simple to use and integrated seamlessly with IBM Cognos platform which the university was already using.

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