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Gary hill

Born 1951 Santa Monica,

In 1969 attended the Arts
Students League (briefly) in
Woodstock NY
In 1973 he start
experimenting with video
feedback and layering with a
borrowed camera from
Woodstock Community..
1974-1976 employed as Tvlab coordinator
1975-1977 he was an artistin-residence on Television
Center in Binghamton, NY et

Tall Ships
Narrow corridor about 60, 80, 90 feet long
12 projected images 5 right, 1 back, 6 left (Whitney)
16 projected images: 8 left, 1 back, 7 right
Not selected the people (decided by chance, or family
connection); the only instruction given to actors was
that should walk towards the camera, and remain at a
given point about 20 seconds but wait for the signal to
return to the original spot.

As the viewer proceeds down the corridor, the figures

who initially appear to be standing or seated at a
distance grow larger and eventually become life-size.
The installation functions as a tangible experience
unfolding in real time and space, as figures seem to
approach, greet, and withdraw in response to the
viewers presence.
No sound.

Michael Snow: Two sides to every story

It was shot by two 16mm cameras on tripods facing each
other, each in synch with each other and the sound
recording (39 ft distance)
Certain activities were staged at the exact center between
the cameras; but sometimes the cameras shot each other
and sometimes the actors also approached the camera
(The presentation of the work equals the production)
At the mid point between the two projectors a very thin
white panel is suspended. Two projectors are in sync
which creates the effect of nearly invisible screen.