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Proposal for Term Project

Operating Systems, Fall

J. H. Wang
Oct. 11, 2016

Term Project
1. Implementation of selected OS components
2. Focused survey of recent developments in various OS
3. OS-related academic paper presentation


For option 1, it could be team-based with at most two persons

For options 2 and 3, you should do it on your own, NOT teambased
A proposal is needed two weeks before midterm (Nov. 1,
Introduction, methods used, experimental designs

A presentation schedule will be arranged for both paper

presentation and system demonstration

Proposal: for Programming

A one-page description of your idea about term
Introduction: an overview of the problem that youre
trying to deal with
Methods: possible issues in the problem and the main
ideas of your ways to solve them
Experiment: an experimental design to verify your idea

For team members: the names and the

expected responsible parts of each
individual member should be clearly

Possible Topics for

Programming Projects
Making real changes to the OS kernel and
performing tests

Creating/modifying kernel modules for networking,

file systems,

Implementation of selected OS components and

evaluation on simulated results
CPU scheduling algorithms (Ch.5)
Deadlock avoidance algorithms (Ch.7)
Page replacement algorithms, virtual memory
manager (Ch.9)
Disk scheduling algorithms (Ch.12)

Any topic you think interesting and non-trivial to

build from our optional Programming Exercises

Proposal: for Focused

A one-page description of the major
topics you want to survey
The major topics in recent technical
developments of OS or distributed systems
General overview is not recommended!

No team work allowed

You have to prepare a 20-minute
presentation of the major ideas in your
topical survey

Possible Topics for Focused

Topics should focus on selected parts in
recent developments in OS or
distributed systems, for example,
Power management in Android/iOS
Workload prediction and resource
provisioning in cloud computing
Efficient scheduling algorithms in MapReduce
Developer toolkits for wearable devices

General overview is not recommended!

Proposal: for Paper

A one-page description of the
academic paper(s) you want to read
You should focus on the major topics of an
OS or distributed systems-related paper
Methods, experiments, analysis

No team work allowed

You have to prepare a 20-minute
presentation of the major ideas of the

Possible Sources of Academic

Possible sources:
OS Conferences: SOSP, OSDI,
Distributed systems conferences: ACM PODC, ICDCS,


TOCS: ACM Transactions on Computer Systems

TPDS: IEEE Transactions on distributed Systems
JPDC: Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing
Distributed Computing

Proposal Submission
Due: two weeks before midterm
(Nov. 1, 2016)
Please submit to our homework
submission site

Your proposal is subject to reviews,

and possible suggestions on changes
will be provided

Any Questions or