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History of Company
Total, a Leading Energy Operator for Almost a Century

Total's history began in the 1920s, with the creation of Compagnie

Franaise des Ptroles (CFP). At the time we produced oil in the Middle East.
Over the years we expanded internationally and diversified into refining,
petroleum product marketing, and chemicals. After nearly 100 years of growth
and development, we are now a leading global energy company, on the cutting
edge of innovation.

The Product of a Multi-Brand Merger

1924: French Prime Minister Raymond Poincar created Compagnie

Franaise des Ptroles (CFP).
1929: CFP was listed on the Paris Bourse. It was renamed Total-CFP
in 1985, then Total in 1991.
1999-2000: We strengthened our positions by merging first with
PetroFina and then Elf Aquitaine.

Our archives contain 60,000 documents

These documents on our history and the history of the French oil
industry. They are an extremely rich source of information open to
researchers, academics and journalists.

International Growth and Gradual Diversification

Our production activities in the Middle East began in 1924. In
1929, we embarked on exploration work in other countries to discover
and develop new resources. Our refining activities began the same
year, with the creation of an affiliate, Compagnie Franaise de
Raffinage (CFR).
We started building our chemicals business in the 1960s. At the
same time our retail network continued to expand, growing into the
global operation it is today.

An Unwavering Focus on Innovation

1961: Discovered our first offshore fields, in Gabon.
1975: Made our first foray into solar energy in the mid-1970s. In 2011 we
acquired 60% of the U.S. company SunPower a leading solar operator.
1982: Performed our first deepwater drilling operation (1,714 meters) in the
1986: Opened our first automated service station in France.
2011: Created the Total Access network, with close to 700 low-price stations
across France.

Engaging with Communities

Total is also committed to protecting the environment and helps communities
tackle major social issues.
Created in 1992, our Foundation implements initiatives in the fields of public
health, community outreach, biodiversity, culture and heritage. It strives to build
local capacity in those areas in all our host regions, while introducing
development models that can be reproduced anywhere. It cultivates long-term
partnerships with private and public stakeholders to achieve those goals. Today,
the Total Foundation is France's largest corporate foundation. Together with
Totals corporate philanthropy projects, its programs represented close to 18.3
million in 2015.

Vision and Mission Company

Product and Service of the Company

Step of Recuitment
Recruitment Notification
Due to the rampant acts of fraud pertaining to the Recruitment of Prospective Permanent
Employees of Total Oil Indonesia (TOI), we would like to inform that TOI has never and will
never demand cash or any payment from its job applicants during any stage of the selection
process and recruitment of Permanent Employees under any conditions.
Please note that any agency or individual requesting for any payment in any form of any kind
to follow our recruitment process, they are not acting on behalf of TOI. Below are tips to
recognize TOI's Permanent Employees Recruitment Fraud:
TOI will officially announce its job vacancies through:
Any correspondence regarding the recruitment process will only be made through the email
address and/or through the domain: We have
never used free email addresses (such as gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc) or chat room.
Each phone conversation regarding the recruitment process will only be done from the
official TOI phone number (the phone numbers listed on the recruitment page of the site) or
the candidates will be contacted directly by TOI's Recruitment Team.
The entire recruitment process will be carried out internally by TOI.
TOI has never appointed any specific Travel Agent for the procurement of transportation and

If you find recruitment activities on behalf of TOI and suspicious ones, please:
Do not take any action or give any response to the recruitment invitations
from recruitment agencies or individuals or e-mail addresses of which their
e-mail addresses do not match the official email addresses mentioned
above, and please do not transfer any money when asked.
Never give any personal information on your financial data such as bank
account, credit card number, password, etc., to anyone. However, if you
have provided such information and become a victim of any fraud, please
report this incident to law enforcement officials.
Please report the evidence of recruitment fraud to by enclosing such suspicious invitation.
Please be advised. TOI calls on prospective job applicants to be more
careful and not be easily deceived by any form of fraud. TOI cannot be held
responsible to the parties who have become victims of fraud which has
misused the name of Total Oil Indonesia.
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Jl. TB Simatupang Kav.15 Jakarta
Phone. (021) 759 16 999 (Hunting)