The city of ‘Leben’ (The German
meaning for life) is constructed from
the very foundations and fabric of life
and evolution.
The city concept is inspired by the
artwork of Ernst Haeckel, a nineteenth
century German zoologist, evolutionist,
philosopher, professor, physician,
naturalist, biologist and artist.

Whilst cutting my way through the dense undergrowth of this
relentless forest, I miraculously stumble across a magnificent
utopia of twisting, invertebrate constructions towering high above
the eclectic variety of lush colourful and multi-shaped fauna below.
The strange city rests in a gorge and is surrounded by steep cliffs
and thundering, cascading waterfalls pour down from the ends of
the wide, free flowing river torrents above. It is nestled on and
around an elevated island at the centre with water swirling around
the base and light vapour falls from the summit like one gigantic
water feature.
The designs of the ground and lower level dwellings are derived
from the obscure shapes of microscopic organisms, shells, coral
and other marine crustaceans. It’s as if the ocean came and went
leaving behind a hollow reef full of huge molluscs, water holes,
tunnels and underpasses. In essence, a living paradise.


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