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Preparation of an

Field Development
Dr. Anirbid

What to do after the


Operator prepares a docket of G&G data

for the discovery justifying a plan for
Development, to be submitted to DGH.
If it is a commercial discovery, DGH would
examine and make a Declaration of
Commerciality of the Discovery as per PSC
(within 60 days).
The operator shall submit an Initial Field
Development Plan as per PSC (within the
next 180 days).

Usual Content of IDP

Geo-scientific Data

Geophysical Database

Seismic Data Quality,

Mapping of horizons,
Depth Conversion,
Attribute Analysis, and Seismic Stratigraphy

Sedimentary Environment Analysis

Facies and Reservoir Characterization,
Petroleum Generation, Migration, Entrapment
& Accumulation

Usual Content of IDP

Geo-scientific Data

Leads and Prospects: Maturity and

Confidence levels of Leads and

Data from Exploratory Drilling

Well Data (Log correlations, VSP tiebacks)

Usual Content of IDP

Exploratory Drilling Data-sets (for each

Expected and Actual Results of Wells

If any well went dry, analysis of reasons and
new leads proposed.
Well Test Analyses, MDT, DST
Well Fluid Characterisation
Discovery well & Appraisal Wells testing
details and estimated potential
Well Database

Usual Content of IDP

Well Data

Well Testing and analysis including MDT

Produced Fluid properties
Potential for Paraffin, Asphaltene & Resin
Core Recovery, Core Description and
Core Analyses
Summary of Log-Core Data integration

Usual Content of IDP

Structural Model
Facies Model
Property Model
Integration of the Geo-cellular
Model, Volumetric Estimation
Model up-scaling

Usual Content of IDP

Estimation of Hydrocarbons In Place

Deterministic Estimation of most likely

Probabilistic STOIIP Calculation
Uncertainties in STOIIP Estimates and
estimation of Risked STOIIP Estimates
Estimation of Risked STOIIP (1P)
Estimation of Possible Upsides (3P)

Usual Content of IDP


Simulation Modelling

Model Description & Data Population

Model Initialization
Well Constraints, based on proposed
well design and expected rates
Well Schedules (Drilling & Completion)
Water encroachment and aquifer
movement under different production /
injection scenarios

Usual Content of IDP

Placement and No. of Wells

Well Constraints and optimisation of well

locations (Both Producers & Injectors)
Wells are decided on 1P EUR
Consider optimisation of well completion
and lift design
Flow Assurance considerations
Production Estimates and estimation of
EUR, Recovery Factor

Usual Content of IDP

Sizing of Production Facilities
Anticipated well-wise fluid Rates
Anticipated total field fluid rates
Estimated 2P Reserves from the wells
Well-wise Water / Gas cut-offs
Total field Water / Gas cut-offs
Separation requirement and facilities
Other treatments for flow assurance
Export facilities, and storage requirements

Usual Content of IDP

Production Forecasts, by simulation or considering a
suitable decline rate

Generation of different development scenarios

No. and types of Producers,

Expected fluid rates
Permissible limits of water and gas production
Injectors and Production wells,
Separation, Storage and Export Facilities

Oil Production Plateau and Profiles for the life

Reserves Estimates under different variants
Comparison of F&D Costs (CAPEX), Production
Costs (OPEX), and ROR for different variants

Special Considerations

Crude price: ~US$ 40-45/Bbl

Natural Gas Price: ~US$ 2/MMBTU
A development well shall have a pay out
period of ~5 years
Finding & Development Costs
Production Costs ~US$5.00/Bbl

Special Considerations
Large & Medium Size Discoveries (1P STOIIP >10MMBbl) :

Based on the different variants, selection of the best

variant, and the development phases
Field Delineation first, to improve confidence on
reserves as drilling continues from 1P to 2P area
Initial activities must include key development wells for
reserves accretion from possible (3P) area
Development wells to be based on 1P reserves
estimates & Facilities based on 2P reserves estimates
Estimate performance under Water-Drive as well as
suitable EOR/IOR schemes
Establish Agreements for crude oil sale and include in
the Facilities design
Economics, determination of Capital Costs (G&G, Well,
Facilities) and Operational & Maintenance Costs

Special Considerations
Small Discoveries (1P STOIIP ~1-5 MMBbl):

Use step-out wells around the discovery to

increase confidence level on reserves
Put on production using Early Production
Minimum facilities to produce, process to meet
oil export quality, store and export.
If reserves allow, build other facilities
Estimation of Capital Costs (G&G, Wells and
Facilities) and Operating Costs to Determine
economic indicators.

Special Considerations
Gas Discoveries

Estimate GIP from Geocellular Model

Determine GWC / GOC carefully using
MDT/RFT data
Assume by depletion drive, if there is no
evidence of strong water drive.
Consider well constraints based on AOFP,
maximum well-wise liquid rates and field-wise
Perform simulation to find reservoir
withdrawal to ensure depletion drive

Special Considerations
Gas Discoveries

Treatment Facilities (H2S, CO2 and Moisture

Potential for sand production, Methane Hydrate
problems, and remediation.
Production Profiles, estimate of reservoir pressure
and well THP for various production scenarios
Well Discharge Pressure, Gas Export Pressure and
committed conditions
Estimate Value Addition by vapour recovery, low
temperature separation etc. to have more NGL
production and vice versa.

Special Considerations
Gas Discoveries

Determination of Compressor Requirement,

pipeline networks and optimization
Estimate of the Capital Cost (G&G costs, Wells &
Facility Costs)
Estimation of Annual Production & Maintenance
Economics for different variants and
recommendation of the preferred variant

Usual Content of IDP

Conclusions and Recommendations

Way forward
Preferred variants
Mitigation of uncertainties and risks
Integration of the field development with
other discoveries in the neighbourhood
Schedule of Development Plan
Any other observation