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Victor Vasarely was a Hungarian-French artist born on on April 9,
1906. He was credited with having created the Op Art movement.
Vasarelys paintings and sculpture utilized geometrical shapes
and colorful graphics to create illusions of special depth on twodimensional surfaces. This abstract method of painting, also
known as Kineticism, borrowed from a diverse range of
influences, including Bauhaus principles, Wassily Kandinskys
abstraction, and the Constructivist movement, which had a
particularly significant impact on Vasarelys practice. After
settling in Paris in 1930, Vasarely worked as a graphic artist and
developed his signature as abstract aesthetic.
Some artworks are abstract objects and some of them are optical
illusion works.
Many works are from big variety colour palatte.
Simple shapes are used in his works, such as, cube and sphere.
Most of his works were experiments, so same pieces of works
might be similar to each other.

This city rises up on all the other cities, its different than the rest of them. It might be true might be not, not everyone has seen
such city in their lives. Ezinor city that can be found only in desert and only when the human loses his consciousness. This city
catches your eyes, twists your mind until you cannot bear getting lost between reality and fantasy. It has labyrinth streets that will
make human get lost in them. Sometimes it looks like this city is not organised at all and all parts are separated, not connected to
each other. Maybe this city is made out of separate parts? No one will know, unless they will see it with their own eyes. As it is heard
from stories that Ezinor was made by a great wizard, called, Zennor. He had incredible power to make anything from a spark. As the
years were passing wizard got older, but of course his knowledge was beyond the limits. He though, and said to himself: What will
happen when I will be gone with all of this power? Who will take over me...There were no answers to it. After a few days, he
wandered out into a dessert and never came back from there. So, all the humans think that he became this great city known as
Ezinor, hiding its own magnificent treasures, but no one seems to find that city unless they lose their mental stability.
In one of the ancient books there was written how this city looks like. The roads are twisting and turning around in the Ezinor, as if
the city would want to take you somewhere else. Also, the paths to go somewhere arent plain some of them have hills or pits, so
you must stay careful when youre going somewhere in this city. This city doesnt work too well with logic, as it is bizarre
architecture may make your eyes go dizzy. As the buildings in the Ezinor is built into abstract shapes, such as: circle, square,
rectangle, rhombus, pentagon or even hexagon. Some buildings have more shapes on them as if they would be stuck there.
Moreover, windows are made to look as if it doesnt have borders. Some of the buildings dont have windows at all and some do
have with metal bars covered on top of them. Nevertheless, houses are like delusions, some of them look as if the walls are in
curved inwards, as if you would have to take a long way though the hall to touch the wall. Other building walls might be turned into
such shape that you wouldnt understand where is the front and where is back of the building. Some building just manages to make
such fantastical delusion, that when you touch the wall of that building, you realise that it was a plain building, without any curves,
bends or loops. Yet, some buildings are intact covered with other material on them making them feel and seem as if theyre really
twisting in front of your eyes.
Ezinor city is surrounded by exotic looking trees, untouched and magical. Looking from afar it might seem like a forest in the middle
of the desert. It might be just a mirage, it cant be real, right? But no, this city is truly real. Looks hardly touched by any human
being. Once the city is fully approached, it is clear that the city is huge, full of optical illusions, every building makes your head spin
over and over till you collapse on the ground. This mirage creates an exciting sensation, so new travellers who accessed the city will
be pulled over by the building colours and the variety of building shapes.

In the middle of the city you can see a sculpture of two tigers. Those tigers are looking at each other, would
seem like theyre spinning only because of the delusion and rotating colourful lines on their bodies. Reminds
of Yin and yang ritual, when two spirits are connected as one, one is good and another is bad, but in this city,
this sculpture of two tigers has another meaning. These tigers represent two Zennors pets, which were
guardians defending this great wizard from bad thoughts and actions. Thats why these tigers are put into the
centre of this city, only to defend it from evil.
The inhabitants in Ezinor city are nowhere to be found. You cant encounter a single person on the street and
the only sigh of life comes from the city itself. This is all so bizarre and there are more questions than
answers. Perhaps inhabitants are hiding from something, maybe evil, maybe other humans. No one knows
who lives in Ezenor even though city seems vibrant with all the colours and odd buildings.
Upon reaching the entrance of this magnificent city, you begin to feel dizzy. The city is moving. You cannot
begin to understand. Trying to put an explanation into what your eyes are gazing towards will lose you in a
moment of near to insanity. Also, the city changes colours according to the seasons. During winter, this city is
covered in white and black colours and at the summer colours are vivid, bright and colourful. Nevertheless, at
spring and autumn colours seem pale and plain. There is hard difference between buildings and trees, not
only because of colour, but because of the shape. These treesseem as if theyre changing along with the
buildings. Some of them might seem like showing direction, where would you go out of this city, makes people
wonder is this direction correct, will we get out of the city? As it is hard to say, but this city is like endless
labyrinth, if you get inside this city, you cant get out. You have to become a part of it.
As people get back to the path from where they came, they notice that the buildings that werent there before
are there. They look identical to the rest of the buildings, twisting and spinning. And the path in front of them
turns into holes where they can fall down. This city doesnt want you to leave. It insists you to stay.

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