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WAC Report on Wendy Peterson

Written Analysis & Communication Course: Trim III
Supervisor: Uma Narain
Submitted by: Div C (..)

(ii)Letter of Transmittal
(Overview of contents & main recommendations)
I have completed my study of -------case and I am submitting my report. -------- is faced
with the problem of --------- on account of -----. She/he has ---- options. I have evaluated
them using 3 criteria: 1---2---3---. My conclusions is that --------- is the best option. I have
therefore recommended that ------ should be done.
Thanks for a chance to work on this case. I shall be happy to clarify any point
Yours sincerely

(iii)Executive Summary
Best written after the completion of the report
(1/10th of the report i.e. 100 words)
Includes part 1-6 of the report.
Impersonal style
State problem , options, criteria for evaluation and the
recommendation clearly

(IV) Contents
1. Situation
Analysis-------------------------------------------------------Page 1
2. Problem Statement
3. Options
4. Evaluation Criteria
5. Evaluation of options
6. Recommendation
7. Action Plan
8. Contingency plan


1. Situation Analysis
What are the facts? What are the issues? (about 150 words)

Wendy Peterson, the VP of AccountBack, a software service provider company branch

at Plano Texas is conducting annual performance review of Fred Wu at a luncheon.
Wendy, promoted in the company with the target of increasing revenue by 40% in 2
years, has identified the close-knit yet high potential Chinese market for growth. She
hires Wu who is well-versed in Chinese culture and has high network in the
community with some reservations. Wu gets $400,000 single client business by 8 th
month of hire yet Wendy is not happy with Wus ways of individualistic working.
AccountBack culture is collegial working style. Wendy is a hands-on boss, sometimes
intrusive and prefers regular updates from her team and cold calls to clients from
office. Wu is a non-conformist yet delivers result. Wendy must meet targets.
When Wendy mentions Wus isolationist behaviour (making company visiting card in
Chinese, giving add-on service without sanction) at the performance review lunch
and Wus current demand for an assistant (given only to seniors), she is unhappy. Wu
is adamant & mentions a job offer from competitors. Wendy postpones the discussion
to the next morning. She must figure out how to handle the situation.

2. Problem Statement
(Use a question with W/H: What or How)

How should Wendy respond to Wus demand for an

assistant and the veiled threat of leaving tomorrow

3. Options
(Use Can)
Wendy has following options:
1. Give Wu an assistant.
2. Refuse and let him go
3. Ask Wu to help her justify the assistant to her, to her
bosses and to the colleagues.
4. .

4. Criteria for Evaluation

(what is Wendys must have list? What is a desirable
out-come )
1. Achieving her objective for the Plano office (revenue
growth, criticality of Chinese market and the
maintenance of company culture)
2. Her personal career as a leader (attrition is fawned
upon -one man has already left AccountBack)
3. ..

5. Evaluation of options
Use the table. Describe in full. State the risk of each
option (if this is done then what will happen):
Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Criterion 1

Criterion 2

Criterion 3

6. Recommendation
Option 3:
Wendy should ask Wu to help her justify the giving of an
assistant to her bosses and the colleagues ..

7. Action Plan
Implementation: the meeting tomorrow morning:
1. Understand Wus strength and weaknesses
2. Keep a positive attitude. Her own behaviour and leadership style
may be the cause of the problem
3. Call Wu to office (not informal lunch) for a meeting
4. Acknowledge Wus skills and his need for status (as per Chinese
5. Listen to him patiently
6. Explain office policy without showing bias
7. Ask him to justify his request for the assistant to her, her bosses
and the colleagues at office..

8. Contingency plan
If option 3 fails, then:
1. Arrange a meeting of the boss with Wu
2. ..

Evaluation Mid term Exam: Value

1.Content (the WAC format)
Executive summary
Situation analysis
Problem statement
Criteria for evaluation
Action plan

Max Marks

Reflection on the five sessions

What did you learn new?
Critical reading between the lines?
Critical Thinking process?
Writing discipline - crispness & clarity?

My very best to you