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Procedure for using LMT and importi

ng xml file on CC board
ZTE Subcontractor training

Connect the Ethernet cable to the Debug port of the CC board. DEBUG/CAS/L MT .Connecting to the CC board 1. .1.Connecting to the CC board 2.18 and Subn et Mask: 255. Change your local IP address to 192.

Connecting to the CC board 3. From the LMT folder select EOMS .

16.Connecting to the CC board 4.1. If you are not logging in for the first time ski p to step 5.254. If you are logging in for the first time select station and ad d the new station with Station Name: zte and Station IP addre ss 192. .

Check if the selected login mode is Online Configuration a nd click OK.Connecting to the CC board 5. .

Connecting to the CC board You will get this window when you are successfully connecte d to the CC board. .

.Importing the xml file 1. Select System from the menu in the left right corner and cli ck Import.

After the Import the CC board will restart. . Select the xml file from the position where it is saved on your computer.Importing the xml file 3.

Additional You can use View –> Data View to check and modify some p arameters of the CC board. .

Additional To check if you are connected to the CC board you can try pi nging it from the windows command processor (cmd). .

Additional To properly connect to the CC board you must have insta lled Java version 6. .

Thank you .