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4 Keys Attributes of Strategic Management Requires incorporating both short-term and longterm perspectives.A Directed toward overall organizational goals & objectives. Includes multiple stakeholders in decision making. . Involves the recognition of trade-offs between effectiveness and efficiency.

and long term. overarching .B b) i. • It represents a destination that is driven by and evokes passion . What do you understand by term Vision • Vision is a goal that is “ massively inspiring.

and vision statements typically describe how a company will become profitable rather than list profit directly as the long term vision. Two reasons why organization needs to have a vision statement  It can motivate existing employees and attract potential employees by clearly categorizing the company’s goals.  Helps companies differentiate from competitors.b) ii. . For example. profit is a common business goal.

Dr. o No. Bashir want to become well established pharmacies in the country that have a lot of pharmacies in the country. Dr. Explain the vision Dr. bashir feels that his business has been declining as many new pharmacies opened which adopts the same concepts to its business and plan to open up to 15 pharmacies in 2016 seem not to be realized . Bashir has not achieved it because in 2015. Bashir had regarding the Pharma Garden and whether he has achieved it  The vision was to turn Pharma Garden into National chain.  Which mean Dr.b) iii.


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E The bargaining power of buyers The threat of new entrants Porter’s Five Forces Model The intensity of rivalry among competitors in an industry .