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Detailed class analysis of music magazine


Layout- The layout of this contents page is

exciting and engages the target audiences
attention immediately, The layout is
straightforward and informs the reader where
everything is easily; the index is on one side
and news is on the other side, the main story

Captions in pictures- There arent many images on the

contents page and equally not that many captions but
in the bottom right there is an image of another
magazine in which they have produced which has a
caption underneath telling the target audience how to
subscribe to the magazine company.

ine is in the middle in bold so it stands out.

Font- The font on the contents page is the

same so it all links together and doesnt
look messy or untidy. The matching font
shows that the magazine is tidy and
coordinated together and that it is well

Page numbers- To the side of the

contents page there
Is a separate section with page numbers
and what
content is going to be featured on that
page. This is
Important to have so the TA can easily
find the page
they want.
Editors Letter- This is a letter sent to a
publication about issues of concern from its
readers. In many publications, letters to the
editor may be sent either through
conventional mail or electronic mail.

Borders around images- Around the images there is a

small, thin white border. This makes the photo stand
out and attract our attention straight to the image as
the background is black so the colour stands out more
and engages us in.

Grab Quotes- There are no grab quotes featured in this

Page of the magazine.

Page numbers- On this page there page

numbers in faint at the bottom left of the
screen. This indicates what page it is and
what content can be found here.

Denotation- The literal meaning of the quote

from tags to riches would be that Dizzie has gone
from graffiti to a millionaire. However, the
connotation (hidden meaning) would be that
dizzie has gone from a poorish boy doing graffiti
to someone who earns a lot of money and is
looked up at.

se of images- On this double page spread

here is only one main image used and a few
maller ones to the side. The main image
matches the colour scheme and the use of
raffiti links to what the headline is about.

Representation- On this page,

the media has created a
sense of real life by using a real
life model and using a
story line that people could relate
to. They use social
Issues, culture and people to
create reality.

Column width and positioning- The columns on this

page all have the same width and laid out in the same
position. This makes it more pleasing to the eye and
stands out as it is in a similar order.

How image and text are integrated- The image

text are linked together because the image shows
audience what the text is about. It is a visual of wh
the text is saying. This shows that they are linked
together and have the same information.

Captions- The captions underneath the header informs

the target audience what the text below is about but In
a compact way. It tells us the best part of the text so we
will want to read it and find out what is going to happen.

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