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Rodrick Bartley
University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Robeson County Department of Social Services

■ Robeson County Department of Social Services is limited with
resources and foster parents.
■ They are 287 children in Robeson County-Foster Care.
■ In Robeson County the number of children in foster care increases
■ The agency ask for custody for children every week.
■ The Department of Social Services are needing more foster parents,
especially Native Americans foster parents.

■ They are 37 foster parents within Robeson County.
– 23 African American
– 12 Native American
– 2 Caucasian
Imagine 287 children and only 37 licensed foster parents.
If the children are not accepted into homes with foster parents, they
will be placed in group homes or therapeutic homes.

Cnt. Facts
■ Income
– 0-5 ages, the parents will receive $481.00 a month per child.
– 6-12 ages, the parents will receive $581.00 a month per child.
– 13-21 ages, the parents will receive $634.00 a month per child.

■ Single or married couple must be at least 21 years old to become a
foster parent and at least 18 years old to become an adoptive
■ Individuals who are seeking to become a foster parent will have to
complete a licensing procedure.
■ 30 hours of MAPP training.
■ Receive First Aid, CPR classes.
■ The requirements can be found at

Why Does DSS Need More Foster
■ The agency is having to split children up. Many foster parents are
licensed for a certain number of children. Some parents are licensed
for 2 children in many cases. Also many parent’s prefer a child with a
specific age. In Robeson County 37 licensed foster parents are no
where near enough. Today, most of those homes are full and they are
not accepting children at the time. Therefore, children taken into
custody will be placed in a group home of therapeutic group home.
Not only does this cost the state more money, but also the children in
many cases are separated.

Interesting Statistics
■ 415,129 children were in foster care on September 30, 2014.
■ 264,746 children entered care- that translates to a child entering care
every two minutes in the United States.
■ 238,230 children existed in foster care in 2014.
■ 107, 918 children waiting to be adopted on September 30, 2014.
■ 60,898 children waiting to adopted whose parental rights were

Agency’s Motto
■ “ You don’t have to rich. You don’t have to have a degree. You don’t
have to be the perfect parent for a child. They just need you to be
there for the, to be stable and loving, and to provide limits and
guidance. They need a family just like you.”

End Results
■ The project was successful. I was able to pass out flyers and
brochures to the community to inform them of the need for foster
parents. The brochure included funds, requirements, licensing
procedure, etc. Last week, the agency started the licensing procedure
with two individuals. The individuals explained they will be able to
house 3 children in each home. This is a start, but more foster parents
are needed to accommodate the children taken into Robeson County
Department of Social Services-Foster Care.

Competencies Used
■ Competencies Used:1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
■ Practice Behaviors: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.7, 2.8, 4.13, 5.14, 5.16, 617, 6.18,
7.19, 7.20, 8.23, 8.26, 9.28

Final Thoughts
■ Indeed the amount of money received every month is no where near
enough to take care of a child.
■ It takes a very special person willing to foster a child.
■ As my agency project I completed a brochure to pass out to the
community to recruit foster parents for Robeson County Department
of Social Services.
■ If so contact 910-671-3500, and speak with a worker in Foster Care,
and begin the licensing process today.