Smart Integration

Expertise in Device Integration Dipl.-Ing. S. Erben Industrial Electronics R&D / E8

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Control valve expertise + seamless integration = benefit for end users
 SAMSON as “main valve vendor” supplies modular valves out of its modular design principle.  Smart, electronic valve accessories, such as positioner, bring added value thanks to their IT features and functionality.  Standardized device integration methods such as EDDL and FDT are used to integrate the intelligent functions of smart valve assemblies.  Valve vendors must master these integration methods.  To ensure interoperability, the “main valve vendor” must verify the interoperability of his devices with various systems in his own test laboratories

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The Smart Valve Integration Center - SVIC

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Application-related optimization

Technology transfer

R&D support

Tests at the development stage

    

System integration Commissioning/decommissioning/initialization Diagnostic functions Alarm management and handling Hot swapping

 Monitoring  Long-term tests  Interoperability tests  Preparation of certification tests

R&D support

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SVIC Academy

 Practice-oriented training Communication  HART® basic training  PROFIBUS basic training  FOUNDATION fieldbus™ basic training Application  Parameterization and configuration of field devices  Advanced positioner training  Diagnostic and status data logging  Servicing, replacing and commissioning

Technology transfer

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Application-related optimization

 Near-reality plant setups in laboratory conditions  Process-specific solutions  Field device optimization  Vendor-independent setups  Individual system tests  Acceptance tests  Tailored training courses

Application-related optimization

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Overview of SVIC

Field distribution

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Engineering highlights
 Yokogawa PRM  Siemens PDM  Emerson AMS  Honeywell FDM  NI Fieldbus Configurator  Endress+Hauser Fieldcare  PACTware  Field Communicator  TROVIS-VIEW

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Fieldbus laboratory

BIS Prozesstechnik test laboratory

Training center

System world BASF test laboratory

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 Standard communication protocols

 Standard integration methods

 Advanced system related integration
    Device Viewer and Partial Stroke Application for Yokogawa Centum Diagnostic Methods for Siemens PCS-7 Diagnostic Integration for Emerson DeltaV …

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Plant asset management
      Device engineering Configuration and parameterization Operation and monitoring Diagnostic and status data logging Documentation Data base analysis

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373X provides clear information by supporting NE 107

NE 107 to prevent information flooding
Event is inactive Event active "Maintenance alarm" Event active "Function check" Event active "Out of specification" Event active "Maintenance required"

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Application-related interpretation of device status

Classification in field components acc. NE 107 Status
Event active Positioner Event > No message Condensed status > Maintenance req. > Maintenance alarm > Function check Maintenance station Control station


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Partial Stroke Application
 Integration of 373x-3 into Partial Stroke Application of Yokogawa Centum / PRM

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Outlook Control Valve Diagnostics – Additional Features 3730-6
 Performance monitoring
 Overview of the correct function of the control valve’s components and the overall performance of the entire control valve -> Control Valve KPI

 Specific operation mode for control, ON/OFF, and ESD valves
 specific diagnostic functionality based on application type

 Improved communication
 Reduced Up/Download time over HART protocol and SSP

 Enhanced functionality based on high-quality and long-term steady pressure sensors
 Possibility to calculate diff. pressure and flow at the valve based on internal sensor signals

 The positioner carries the nonambiguous state of the entire control valve including all accessories Control Valve Performance dashboard
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Expertise in device integration

Smart Valve Integration Center

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