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Math PLC
Wednesday, October
26th, 2016

ARUSD Vision
Every student in the Alum Rock Union
Elementary School District will be a
creative, collaborative and confident
individual with the competencies that
will enable them to thrive in a diverse
and competitive world.

Instructional Priorities
Deepening proficiency with CCSS math and ELA
shifts to ensure academic rigor
Strengthening structured student talk through
integrated ELD to support oral language
Enhancing teacher proficiency with the backward
planning process
Integrating technology in a thoughtful manner to

Welcome and Introductions
Framing-Why a Middle School Math PLC?
Math data reflection
Data analysis practices
Professional development

Math Makeover

Quick write
What habits of mind do we want to nurture within our math students?

Why a Middle
School Math PLC?

Professional Learning
Big Ideas:
Ensure that students are learning
What do we want each student to learn?
How will we know when each student has learned it?
How will we respond when a student experiences difficulty in learning?

Nurture a culture of collaboration

Collaborate for improvement
Remove barriers to success

Focus on results

Why is middle school math a priority?

Use the following information to have a table talk:
2015/2016 data points
CCSS math shifts
Sample SBAC math questions

Structure of MS Math PLC

Future PLC dates:
November 17th
January 12th
February 16th
March 16th
Professional development based on teacher input
Data analysis based on teacher determined formative samples
Teacher collaboration

Data Analysis
Best Practices

Assessment Plan

Digging in to Formative
Read article (7 min.)
Discuss with your elbow partner: (5 min.)
The difference between formatives and summatives
Instructional strategies that can be used formatively
Please be prepared to share out.

Formatives vs. Summatives



End of chapter CPM


SBAC interims

End of chapter CPM

Exit Tickets

iReady benchmarks

Checks for understanding

What data points are being

Table Talk:

What formative data points are you

using in your class?

Data Analysis Protocol

Identify the following:
What formative data are you using?
What is the data telling you?
What grouping adjustments are appropriate based on this data?
What adjustments to instruction or resources are necessary?
How and when will you monitor progress?
Data analysis template


Sharing of best practices

Joseph George Middle School
Dennis Barboza
7th grade

Next Steps
What professional development do you want for next time?

Next Meeting: Thursday November 17th

Location: TBA
**Please bring your formative assessment samples