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How to answer and

transmit forms in
Majella Insight (MI)


2 .After logging in to MI Mobile. click the Forms button.

All forms available for editing are listed on the Forms List. Click BJMP Jail Assessment. 3 .

To start answering the assessment form. it will lead you back to the Forms List 4 . click Create. If you click Return.

A new BJMP Jail Assessment form is now ready for answering. 5 . Form Status is set as Incomplete. By default.

If you want to finish answering this form later. 6 . just click Save.

All saved forms are automatically listed in the Forms Queue To go back to an unfinished form. just click the saved form to continue answering. 7 .

Once a form is deleted. Delete permanently removes a saved form. Cancel closes the current form without saving the changes made on the form.Update acts like a save button and saves all current changes made on the form. it can no longer be retrieved. 8 .

Review the entire page first for missed required questions.Please fill out all required questions before proceeding to the Next page Note: You cannot go to the next page if */required questions are left empty. 9 .

10 . Click Update to save.After finishing the assessment form. change the Form Status to Complete.

Click OK. 11 . check if all required fields are filled out. click Complete and Update. Again. Find and fill out the Required field.If you encounter this error.

12 .The form status is now Complete and ready for upload.

Click sync to send data Note: To sync. please be sure that the tablet has an internet connection thru Wi-Fi or 3G 13 .

Click OK.A prompt will ask you to save your work. 14 .

Be sure that your tablet is properly connectd thru Wi-Fi or 3G 15 .This pop-up will appear if you are not connected to the internet.

16 . it can no longer be edited on MI Mobile. Once the form is sent. Sync will only send complete forms. After syncing.The complete form is now sent to the server. incomplete forms are left on the forms queue and can still be edited.

If you log-in again. A pop-up will ask to verify this.To close the MI Mobile App. click the Signout button. 17 . you can still view and edit all your saved forms. click OK.