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Component Outcomes & Outputs



Social Mobilization, Participatory Investment Planning
and Land Tenure
• Sub-projects in agro-forestry,
forestry, agriculture, income
generation and infrastructure
implemented in 170 barangays
sustainably managed by
IP/community organizations.
• IP/community organizations with
improved capacity working
collectively to serve their
• Ancestral Domains sustainably
managed by IPOs communities.

• 170 PIPs Formulated
• IP organizations established and
• 20 ADSDPP formulated
• IPO established and
• 8 Certificate of Ancestral
Domain Titles processed

Forest Management and Agroforestry • Community watersheds conserved • 8.Component Outcomes & Outputs Outcomes Outputs Community Watershed Management.500 hectares successfully with at least 110 barangays have reforested and developed • 2.000 hectares of agroforestry improved highland reforestation and at least 70 barangays plots maintained benefiting from establishment of • 110 POs/IPOs fully equipped with agro-forestry plots sustainable forest management • 110 POs/IPOs are empowered and capable of properly managing their highland forests using indigenous sustainable practices. .

Agribusiness and Income Generation Activities • 507 farmer groups are linked to • 10 Farmer groups producing markets and have increased environmentally safe products for profit by 20% at the end of the sale of consumption to meet Project market demand and food security • 170 farmer groups have increased needs • 25 Marketing groups providing productivity by 10%.Component Outcomes & Outputs Outcomes Outputs Agriculture. meeting food sufficiency requirements at services to members that lower the end of the Project input costs or improve revenue • 82 Rural-based enterprises providing employment and generating revenues • 507 Livelihood Interest Groups (LIG) access financial and related .

Component Outcomes & Outputs Outcomes Outputs Rural Infrastructure Development • Access to agricultural area. footbridges and tramlines • Communal irrigation schemes rehabilitated and constructed • Domestic water supply systems constructed • Community infrastructure constructed . markets and services improved • Crop production losses reduced and quality of crops produced improved • Improved access to reliable and clean potable water • Crop production in beneficiary areas increased • Farm to market access rehabilitated and constructed: FMRs. footpaths.

and to the and operational • Policies and procedures satisfaction of the target beneficiaries formulated and updated . within budget.Component Outcomes & Outputs Outcomes Outputs Project Management and Coordination • Project implementation completed • Project structures established on time.