luxury beach

resort in goa

b.Arch thesis 2nd


Project brief
To design a luxury beach resort
in goa
Being emerging world power in coming times, the state of
Indian tourism industry is not among the top in the world. It is
ranked 52nd with a revenue of 120 billion dollars per year.
With a coast line of 7,517 km (ranked 18th in the world) , it hugely
lacks in no. of luxury beach resort when compared to other

My objective is to make a luxury beach

Canacona Taluk. Goa Railway track Main Road Perimeter.5 km sq) Secondary Road .3.3 km Area.SITE LOCATION Talpona Beach.121 acre (0.

This place is very well connected by railway lines and 2 major roads. Being a deserted land of 121 acres and near to the famous Talpona Beach.Aims and Objective To build a luxury beach resorts for client hyatt hotels and resorts on the Talpona Beach. Left side of the site has open beach view and has Talpona river flowing on the north side. . Goa on the similar grounds of St. it’s a perfect place for the project. Canacona Taluk. regis Bora Bora resort in French Polynesia.

. industry leading brands and a commitment to excellence.Proposed Client Hyatt hotels and resorts hyatt is a global hospitality company with widely recognized.

support. etc Zone 1 (Within 500m from coastline) No permanent structure allowed in this zone can be used for Golf Course Open Seating Artificial Ponds Landscape Sun Bathing Zone 4 (Covering 50% of site in the centre) Can be used for Main resort structure Big Pool Reception Main entry. service.Zone 2 Zone 3 (Near to river front) Can be used for “On Water” resort units (Near to main road access) This area can be allotted for admin. staff unit. etc. .

Resort Hotel .



These enterprises appeal to the tourists seeking more than basic accommodation. Five Star: 85%-100% achievement (851 to 1. They offer expanded facilities and higher level of comfort. often including an extensive array of facilities. Two Star: 40-55% achievement (401 to 550 points) . There are five (5) levels of accommodation standards ranging from one to five stars. c.These properties reflect the characteristics of luxury and sophistication. Four Star: 70–85% achievement (701 to 850 points) . b. The facilities are world class in every manner and the meticulous service exceeds all guest expectations . There is a limited range of facilities and services.These properties are upscale in all areas. One Star: 25-40% achievement (251 to 400 points) – These enterprises appeal to budget minded travelers. Three Star: 55–70% achievement (551 to 700 points) – These enterprises offer a very good level of accommodation.000 points) .STAR GRADING SYSTEM Star Grading System for Hotels. Resorts and Apartment Hotels Section 1. Five Star Grading System. Resorts and Apartment Hotels are as follows: a. higher quality facilities and a greater range of services. e. Accommodation is refined and stylish. d. Service is responsive. There are more spacious public areas. The star bands for Hotels.



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Resort requirements B). Regional style comprises important considerations for •Adequate ventilation for cooling and reduction of humidity using low thermal building materials •Avoiding direct sunlight and glare •Protection against rain •The site’s location with natural vegetations to provide cooler micro climate. Regional style The resort requirements consists of important considerations for selection of the •Resort location •Interior and exterior chalet design based on resort style •Appropriate facilities and services •Building materials •Prices of accommodation. . On the other hand.Critical Factors for the Resort Design The critical factors for resort design at beach front in Goa can be divided into two categories which are design to fit with: A).

recreational and cultural amenities. confidence and loyalty.Site Planning •The Resort sites may front beaches. provide information and directions to the visitors to the various facilities. . •Appropriate signage and symbol are important as parts of the design to identify the resort. is a profitable investment to the country’s tourism industry. lagoons or lakes directly with waterfront activities. •Resorts should offer proximity and easy access to significant. scenic. •The resorts built with vernacular style are considered as attractive to the tourists and in the case of Goa. •The graphic design must subtly suggest the status and character of the resort order to create customer recognition. which is sufficiently appealing such that people will travel to it and stay at least one day and one night. •A resort location is one. natural.

Entrance d). Signage . Location b). Chalet reach ability c).•This study finds that there are four important factors in this research survey as follows: a).

high ceilings and large openings for ventilation purposes. •Roof design plays important character to the resort image. which is not available in other parts of the world. veranda or porch in front. •The hotel sites offer exceptional exterior view of the natural surrounding from the verandahs and provide elevated views to the waterfront activities. presenting the experience of the past. •These were built around an internal courtyard ‘Rajaangan’ with a ‘Tulsi’ plant at the center. These were built either with mud or local ‘Laterite’ stone with low scale sloping roofs with an overlay of Mangalore tiles. vegetable and flowering varieties for the house related routine activities. Resort hotels usually have a design of vernacular style. .Exterior Design (influenced by Goan architecture) •Usually the house has a dominant roof. •Backyard is maintained with a well and a kitchen garden ‘Ghorbhat’ having fruits. facing the main road. The purpose is to create an environment of the past for the tourists. which is appropriate architectural expression to cater for leisure travelers particularly during weekends and holiday periods. •Tourists are offered with cultural and traditional attractions.

most resort hotels are based on the leisure attractions of water both as recreational amenity and visual setting. Landscape design The architecture of Goa is a combination of Indian. Building materials b). Exterior view e). . Islamic and Portuguese styles. Roof c).•According to Schwanke (1997). there are five critical factors for the exterior design of resort building which are: a). Based on this literature review. Some resorts are also located at attractive hilly areas or rural setting for the guest to offer living experience at natural setting. Verandah d).

. The houses of rich landlords had high plinths with grand staircases leading to the front door or balcão.Typical external features The large balcões had built-in seating. or just enjoy the evening breeze. open to the street. which usually indicated the status of the owners. where men and women could sit together and ‘see and be seen’. together with the plinth. chat with their neighbors. This. These balcões are bordered by ornamental columns that sometimes continued along the steps and added to the stature of the house.

but have their origins in similar mouldings in the windows of Portuguese houses. Windows gradually became more decorative. These may appear purely decorative. The design is therefore an import but serves a similar purpose in Goa: to help construct the identity of the home. . ornate.Windows Large ornamental windows with stucco mouldings open onto verandas. and expressive.

Room (chalet layout) accommodations in resort hotels are often carefully positioned with an attractive setting. From the entrance. It has basically the front and back portions which are centered around (core house). strain and damage than domestic units. The choice should reflect to vernacular style with traditional craftsmanship. stairs lead up to a covered porch or verandah. and are durable (resistant to damage and discoloring) and low maintenance services (easy cleaning and replacement of the parts). The Goan house layout becomes an important reference to the chalet. The porch acts as a good transition space between the public and the private domains . Decoration and furnishing as proposed need to fit with traditional and resort style. Furniture and furnishings in hotel are subject to more intensive use.Interior Design High-quality durable fitments and finishes are also important in order to ensure easy maintenance services.

Prominent elements of interior design Centre courtyard with Tulsi plant Floral painted tiles adorn the doorways to the houses The interiors have a high ceiling Well in backyard Typical rooster motifs on rooftops .

giving the roof projection a solid. •Color was decorative and used purely to create a sensation INTERIORS •Painting on walls •Walls up to dado height finished with glazed tiles •Floral pattern below the cornice CORNICES •Country tiles used as a corbel are a feature peculiar to Goa. •The effect achieved is aesthetically pleasing. .USE OF COLOUR •Dramatic and startling color—initially achieved with vegetable and natural dyes plays an important role in Goan architecture. moulded appearance.

Interior view b). These factors are as follows: a). Chalet layout d).The study concludes that there are five critical factors which are important for the survey. Chalet size e). Accessibility . Interior finishes c).