Renewable Energy Technologies

Assignment # 1 : Presentation

Presentation By:
Ahsan Rauf
Hamza Saqib
Atta Ur Razzaq
Saif Ur Rehman
Ali Faizan Wattoo
Muhammad Umair Qazi
Muhammad Hammad Islam

Topic Indicate current energy resources and give reasons why Pakistan may need alternative energy sources in future ? .

80% of annual energy needs  Oil import bill approximately US$ 15 billion in FY13  According to the The Ministry of Water and Power. as of June. 2016 the electricity statistics showed: Demand: 20.000MW Shortfall: 5000MW .000 MW Generation: 15.73 million TOE of energy supplies during FY12  Primary Source of Energy: Imported crude oil and gas meet approx.Current Energy scenario of Pakistan  Energy crisis owing to ever increasing demand and supply gap  Total Annual Energy Requirement: 64.

10% .000 MW Hydropower: ~5000 MW Nuclear : ~1000 MW Solar : ~400 MW Wind: ~180 MW Others : ~20 MW . average annual growth rate for energy consumption is 2. This surplus energy gap is being met by importing more Oil & Gas sources rather than investing in alternative energy sources  Due to Lack of effective governing bodies & ineffective energy policies Pakistan have not been able to implement renewable energy resources as an alternative energy source at an appreciable scale  Different power sources being utilized: (as of June 2016) Thermal (Coal. Oil & Gas): ~10. For last six year.

04 Coal Gas Nuclear HydroPower 4 Oil Other 31 .03 0.Electricity generation in Pakistan by fuel type (2015) 28 37 0.

Statistical Figures .

Statistical Figures .

Statistical Figures  Relation GDP growth to Energy Consumption .

Renewable Energy as an Alternative  Renewable energy sources available across the country: • Solar • Hydropower • Wind • Biomass • Tidal & Wave .

Hydropower .

Solar Potential .

Wind Potential .

.120 tons annually  Approximately 225.034.000 tons of crop residues and over 1 million tons of animal manure are produced daily.888 tons of waste is being generated daily  The figure reaches up to 20.Biomass  Huge Potential for biomass as energy source  About 54.

Conclusion In the light of the discussion above. provided that this opportunity is fully integrated in the energy policy . abundant and untapped potential  Renewables can progressively replace conventional capacity and cover most of the energy demand of Pakistan by 2050. This will not only help to meet energy requirements but also contribute to socio-economic stability  Alternative energy sources. especially renewables must be considered for meeting future energy requirements of Pakistan due to their clean. it can be concluded that  Pakistan is in a strong need for energy sources to meet its ever-growing energy demand.