Plot Overview

About the Author

The House on Mango Street made up of
many vignettes. The story is told around
Esperanza and her neighborhood. Her
family is very poor and moves about
every year to a new house, but this year
they’re able to live in a actually house in
Chicago. Esperanza and her little sister,
Nenny meet Lucy and Rachel. They have
lots of adventures together on Mango
Street. Such as riding bikes together,
meeting Marin, and the junk shop.
Esperanza doesn’t like the life she lives in
and doesn’t accept her house as her
own. Later on, Esperanza is maturing as
a woman and has the task of telling her
family that their grandpa dying.
Esperanza now gets her first job to
support the family, but gets kissed by an
older man.

I think the story The House on Mango
Street is similar to the life that Sandra
Cisneros lives because she also lives in
Chicago. Chicago has influenced her
writing because I think chapter is what
she has experience in her life in Chicago.

The House on Mango
Kacey Liang

Essential Quotes
“But the house on Mango Street is not
the way they told it at all” Page 4

Historical Context
The House on Mango Street was
Published in 1984. In this time period
many people didn’t have jobs and there
was a lot of global economic issues. This
is probably the reason why Esperanza’s
family had to move houses about every
year until they had enough money to
afford one

“You will always be Mango Street. You
can’t erase what you know. You can’t
forget who you are.” Page 105

The story was quite hard to understand
because it is written in vignettes and each
chapter is different. Overall the story was
interesting because I get to learn how a
person in poverty lives through her life
and how puberty has a big impact in life

Character Analysis


Motifs and Symbols

Identify each major character in the
novel, describing the important traits that
both distinguish and characterize each

Identify and describe some of the major
themes in the novel.

Identify and explain some of the major
motifs and symbols in the novel.

Some major themes in this novel is to:

The house- it symbolizes how poor they
are and what the story will be like.

Esperanza - She is shy at first but grows
stronger as she matures and has many

Remember who you are

Rachel and Lucy- Friends of Esperanza’s
that like to hang out at places.

Keep strong

Nenny- Esperanza’s little sister that
doesn’t understand much and is under
Esperanza’s protection
Sally- Esperanza’s close friend who goes
to guys to hide from her father.

Help out your family

Esperanza always wanting to get out off
Mango Street- it symbolizes that she will
probably get out of Mango Street
The Three Sisters- it was near the end of
the story and I knew there was going to
be foreshadowing.
Bike- symbolizes the time
Esperanza,Nenny, Rachel and Lucy
spend together.
Esperanza’s first job symbolizes that
Esperanza is going through puberty

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