Zone Blocking on the High School

Andrew Jackson HS
Kevin Sullivan, HFC

Rushing Totals

Troy Pollard-1930 yds(3816 career) ILL
R. Rackley- 1796yds(2196career) GMC
G. Stripling-2109yds(3141career)L’Ville
L. Washington-2351yd(3160) FSU/JETS
S. Montfort-1317yd(2517) Ind.St.
T.Hampton-1184yd-Glenville St.

MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES • Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a CHAMPION. (ALI) • Life’s about choices. decisions you make now can and will affect the rest of your life. (Sullivanism) .

Hard Work/ Conditioning/ Loaf 4.PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY 1. Fundamentally Sound. Team Concept: “Chain”/ Daily Word Everyone has a Job to Do. 5. 2. Have Fun . Discipline: Take Care of the Little Things/ Make players accountable. 3.



S. 2. 7.T. (Feed The Studs) Multiple Formations Simple Blocking Scheme Ball Control Play Action (most Runs) 3 Step/ 5 Step Pass Be Physical . 5. 6.OFFENSIVE PHILOSOPHY 1. 4. 3. F.

4. 3. 2. Outside Zone/ Stretch or Sweep Inside Zone Counter. 5.Base Zone Plays 1. Compliment Zone Pass Naked or Bootleg .

Must fit you/Right/Wrong.• Why Zone Blocking? • Lack of Coaches • Easy. • Many people don’t understand concept. (This has changed over the years.) Potential problem: Everyone does it a different way. not a lot of Rules. .

• One Foot Split. . • Must be able to block with your Feet and Eyes.OUTSIDE ZONE/STRETCH • Offensive Line • Alignment: move off the ball. Guards helmet on Center’s hip.

COVERED: To Call Side. UNCOVERED: No one over you. any shade 2.• 2 RULES 1. ALWAYS REMEMBER: 4 HANDS/4 EYES .

Arms at 90* 3. Hips/Head towards Target (Aiming Pt. . Aiming Pt.) 4. outside half of outside #. Escape.COVERED First Step • Reach.. Chest to Thigh 2. Linebacker First step dictated by alignment of DL 1. Rip.

Run Motor to Rip Fire Hands.COVERED Second Step • Second Step: • Cross feet. Escape: When working in pairs. Work head to Front side arm pit. Gain Ground. Question????? . Rip Backside Arm. He will make a GO call. you should feel your buddy bump you off. Deliver Blow.

. . Don’t see number stay on and mash! Escape for Linebacker: • Aiming point at 45* angle.• When do you come off? Don’t leave until you see the backside number of the Linebacker. BOARD DRILL TO TEACH……. Get piece of him and take him where he wants to go.

Important point: Eyes go to D. 3..L. 2. nearside hip.outside arm pit of D.UNCOVERED STEP • PULL AND OVERTAKE (Common phase) • First Step: Bucket or Drop Step 1. .L. Aiming point. helps get jump on what DL is doing. Hips will point you on right path.

body. Bump off your partner and overtake.Second Step: We will cross feet.L.L. Don’t Bury your head to soon-4 hands/4eyes . hip. get belt buckle aiming towards the outside arm pit of the Combo Man. Grab for backside Tit of Down Lineman. Third Step: Must work violently across D. See D.

• Most Important: Secure The First Level!!!!!!!! .

First step is just like covered OL/flat Tailback: Must be able to take hand off with eyes up. First Step/Flat step same aiming pt. as FB.Fullback: Could be in the “I” or offset Aiming point: 1yd outside TE/1yd back Might have to combo with TE. .

“SMOOTH TO IT. FAST THROUGH IT. Board Drill-Teach .Belt buckle aim to spot. Should be able to read TE/FB block. Make one cut and go.” Lineman usually get concept first. Tailback Is usually hardest to see at first.

• Facts: • If uncovered OL can’t overtake covered DL by third step—run path to LB. Read Hip • Covered OL will stay on down DL. Just run him where he wants to go. • Drill head up techniques first. this is hardest for OL .

Center/ guard fold Sally.Scoop Must have dummy calls .TE down/Tackle pull around Sex.LINE CALLS • • • • • Examples: Ted.

4 Hands/4 Eyes Be Physical!!!!!!! . attack outside ½ of DL Uncovered-No Bucket step. Work double team • One OL will come off. Split man in half Covered.INSIDE ZONE • • • • Offensive line looking for double teams.flat step. but not until you see backside #. Split the crouch of DL.

DRILL PROGRESSION • • • • • • BOARD vs Air (Covered/Uncovered) Chute Chute to Bags Line Drill Combo’s (Head up/Shade) Escape to LB .

” .• Today’s Society: “The reason most people fail instead of succeed is because they trade what they want most for what they want at the moment.