The masthead is seen with half of the name presented on the other letter of the other word, ‘Metal

Hammer.’ The masthead of the magazine indicates to its audience that this magazine of music is
focusing on the genre of heavy metal/rock. This is mainly because of the words used in the masthead,
‘Metal’, which relates to what people perceive of heavy metal. This could signify to the instruments
mainly used by rock enthusiasts which are mostly made out of metal. The other word used is ‘hammer’
which connotes to the violent and disturbing imagery people stereotype of the rock genre. This
magazines masthead follows the conventions of a typical magazine as it has the title of the magazine in
the top of the front cover. This is because audiences tend to read from the top down meaning their first
focus would be on the masthead.
Following the masthead is the main image. The main image is of a famous icon who represents the
genre of rock. The camera shot used is a mid shot showing mainly the upper body of the model. The
main image uses the rule of thirds as he is occupying the four hotspots, this would mean that one of the
main focuses of the audience would be of this icon. The facial expression of the icon is very serious as
well as his gesture. His face shows seriousness which relates to the atmosphere of heavy metal which is
really dark and severe. Supporting this factor is the outfit of the icon which repeats the colours of black,
showing a relationship once again to its genre. In addition, the model has also got tattoos which
supports the stereotype of rock fanatics as people see them as creepy, weird individuals who like inking

The main coverline shows a relationship to the main image followed by a pull quote which has most likely been used by the icon himself.
The font is in a white colour which has also been used in the masthead, it is in a larger font too showing a distinction between a main
coverline and a normal one. Because this is the main coverline it would also mean that this subject is one of the larger articles the
audiences would focus on compared to the other topics. The font used in the pull quote is different to any other on the front cover, the font
looks as though someone is screaming it therefore relating to the genre of this magazine which is heavy metal/rock and artists of this genre
tend to scream in their songs. The pull quote would draw attention from the audience as it is words specifically coming from the celebrity
The ‘Metal Hammer’ magazine contains four coverline's on the front cover. Coverline's are features of the magazine which focus on some of
the ‘hot’ topics of that genre. The font used is the same as the main coverline using the same colour showing a relationship between the
two. Under the coverline's are short headings which support the coverline in yellow font which follows the colour scheme on the rest of the
magazine. Some of the cover lines have explicit language used in asterisk's which support the loud, foul genre of rock music and lyrics.
The magazine uses a series of colours in order to create a colour scheme; this magazine uses the colours black, white and yellow. These
colours can be see throughout the layout of the front cover; the masthead, main cover line, cover line, main image etc. The main image
shows a relation to the colour scheme as the icon is wearing all black with dark silver/grey items of jewellery. The models outfit suits the
colour scheme thus creating a pleasing presentation of the magazines front cover.
A simple and fundamental factor of any selling product, a barcode. This clearly represents the price of the magazine alongside the issue
number and date of the magazine. On this magazine it is set in the bottom left clearly indicating pricing and issue details to the audience.
This follows the conventions of a typical magazine as it is set in the corner of the magazine not distracting the audience too much but
showing the details of the magazine.
A strapline is also used in the layout at the top of the magazine which further indicates what is to be portrayed within the magazine. It uses
the buzz word of an artists name, ‘Slipknot’, in order to grab the audiences attention

A branding of the magazine is used as it states the name of the magazine in the top right of the
first page. Branding identifies the company/issuer of the magazine and represents it as one of
its products. This magazine states the masthead the way it is presented on the front cover is a
simple black font, the font is the same as the front cover. This magazine does not follow the
codes and conventions as to the title is in the top right instead of top left. This way the
audiences focus would start at the contents straight away instead of the branding on typical
magazines. The masthead ‘Contents’ is presented on the second page in the top centre of the
page alongside with branding in black on top of it. The masthead shows the audience the title
of the page. The masthead is shown with a white font against a red background which makes
the title of the page stand out to the audience. The font used is different to any other shown on
the magazine yet it supports the genre as it looks like it has been screamed, and heavy metal
contains people screaming in their lyrics.
The second page of the contents shows a heading with an article below it. The fact there is a
heading and articles shows the audiences tat this is one of the main topics of the magazine.
This article would involve the person on the front cover who was in the main image showing a
relationship between the front cover and contents page and also the main coverline. This
article would contain quotes used by the icon on the front covers main image.

Both of the pages uses the rule of thirds concept. The first page is set out in the contents pages and references, then in the middle there are a
series of images with a couple of sub headings and pages references then the right has news and facts that are included in the magazine. The
rule of thirds allows us to section the page into nine grids then four main focus points. On the first page the main focal points are on images
which would show and focus on a topic within the magazine. The second page however, allows the audiences main focus to be on the main
heading and article of the icon. The first page contains pages headings and references in a black font, underneath it is the page reference in red
followed by a small amount of writing explaining the page heading. The red and black colour fonts show relationship to the contents page colour
scheme. The point of page references and numbers are to support guidance throughout the magazine to help the audience find articles they are
interested in. The middle section shows a series of images which would focus on articles contained in the magazine as they have page
references also shown on them. The right hand side contains information all in simple, black font showing a clear presentation and relationship
to the rest of the magazine.
The second page also shows a variety of images supporting the genre of rock/heavy metal as the mise en scene shows people dressed up as
if they were rock fanatics. These images are used to support the articles which are portrayed throughout the magazine and its features as
they contain a banner with a heading alongside page references. The banner is red with a white page reference and black font heading
making it stand out. It follows the magazines colour scheme as to using the colours red, black and white. The fact these colours are used
could support the gory side of the rock genre lyrics, especially the colour red.

On the bottom of the second page is a section which promotes the magazine as to being an ‘iPad version.’ This part of the page focuses on
information which would allow people to find the app of the magazine showing instructions of how to obtain the app. It shows the front cover of
the magazine on the iPad meaning they are showing audiences an alternative way to view the magazine. All this section is against a black
background allowing the writing to stand out to its audience as it is in white and yellow font, following the colour scheme of the magazine.

This 2 page spread shows a clear relationship to the magazines front cover. This is
because the similar mise en scene is used as well as the icon representing the
genre. The main image on the first page is of the same icon which was on the
front. The shot type used is a long shot allowing us to focus on the icon himself as
well of the mise en scene. The model is wearing similar, if not same, clothes as he
was wearing on the front cover as well as wrist jewellery. The magazines double
page spread also uses a similar colour scheme of black and gold, which is near
enough to yellow which was used on the front cover. The mise en scene is that the
icon is sitting on a throne which connotes to him (the icon) as being a model which
represents the genre in a positive manner. The fact he is sitting on a throne shows
that people of the rock culture look up to him and respect him as if he was of
higher authority. The posture of the model shows comfortability which shows he is
a passionate representation and he is proud of himself. He is taking authority as to
representing the heavy metal community. The throne itself is also in a gold colour
which shows a relationship to the magazines presentation. In addition, the model
is also wearing an outfit which is black which also supports the colour scheme of
the magazine. The fact he is wearing black against a gold throne allows him to
stand out. The colour gold is used which connotes to wealth and luxury which
could be features of the models life in which he owns. The main images page uses
the rule of thirds allowing the audiences main focus being the icon as he occupies
the four hotspots.
The masthead of the second page is presented in huge, gold font, same as what has been used for the pull quote. The gold colour shows a
relationship to the colour scheme and presentation of these pages. It quotes, ‘Command & Conquer,’ which shows a clear relationship to the
main image on the first page of the double page spread. Underneath the title is a small explanation of what the article underneath is about. The
article also uses the rule of thirds as it is spread out in three different columns yet the middle section is cut out and put which a pull quote once
again. The article is set out in a clear white font against a black background allowing the readers to read the article in an easy way. The article
uses a drop cap of the letter ‘N’ in gold font showing audiences where the article begins. The pull quote in the centre distracts the audience as
it is in larger, gold font compared to the simple white text article. The hotspots of the rule of thirds allows the audiences main focus to be the
article and pull quote. A second drop cap is used ,’C’ to show that that section of the article is an important part than the rest of the article as
no other paragraphs use a drop cap, except the starting one. Underneath the article is a small banner in the centre showing audiences the
people who wrote the article. It uses the same concept as the contents page when it is showing page references against the images.
Under the main image on the first page is a pull quote. A pull quote grabs audiences attention as it is words coming from the icon himself. It is
in a gold font which once again connotes to wealth, which could surprisingly mean that the words the icon is speaking are worth something so
people listen to him.

The presentation of the double page spread uses the colours gold, white and black giving off a neat and pleasing presentation. These colours
are used to show different features of the double page spread, including the mise en scene of the main image. The border of the pages support
the presentation as they are also in a gold colour and design.