Target Audience

By Paige Edwards

Age Range
• Our production is aimed at individuals aged 12-35. We chose to have our
age limit as low as 12 due to the significant message od cancer awareness
that we believe should be taught from a young age. Our film is primarily
aimed at young and older women, but is also suitable for men.
• With this age range, we hoped that our audience would be able to relate
to these real life events. Also. The main character in our film is within this
age range, which we hope would attract young women of her age group,
as we would like to send a significant message that allows children to also
cherish their beloved ones before it ma be too late, like it was for our
main character.

• Our production is based around females, a young woman, who
reminisces on the times she had and the times she wishes she had
more of with her mother.
• Even though our film is based around the awareness of young
women and breast cancer, we agreed that this could also aim
around young men and the awareness of all cancers that apply to
both genders. Our film could allow sons, not just daughters, to
understand the importance of a parent and maybe relate to the real
life events that occur within our film as we are hoping to send a
strong message to all about cancer.

Socio- economic groups
• My productions socio-economic group comes under the
C2, D and E group. This is due to the younger side of our
target audience being 12, meaning any of them possibly
up to the age of 17 are unemployed. The majority of our
target audience, from then 17, all the way to 35, the
majority of them would most likely be employed however,
they are casual or manual workers or even on benefits.
This is important because it keeps a relatable relationship
to the audience and a more personal angle when watching
the production.

Why my target audience is
• I think my target audience is appropriate because it is
easy for them to relate to my characters, and they will find
it most interesting due to their being a clear
representation of my characters within their own class
and status.