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Chapter 1
a Perspective:
Being Cpany exap e
Peace Wrks cpany exap e
Recent events that have ipacted
internatina arketing
High tech and dt.c cpany st in ear y
Septeer 11th terrrist attacks in U.S.
Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
Prevai ing trends that have the st ipact
n internatina siness in the ftre:
1. rth f the Wr d Trade Organizatin and
regin free trade areas (NAFTA, Erpean Unin..)
2. Trend f deve ping cntries (sch as Asia,
Latin Aerica, Eastern Erpe) accepting the free
arket syste
. Ipact f the internet and ther g a edia
cpanies (CNN)
. Mandate fr cpanies t prper y anage
Why internatina arketing is s iprtant:
Cpanies can n nger ignre the effects f
internatina y arketing
Cpetitin n nger exists jst fr destic
cpanies (exhiit 1.1 pg. 7)
In rder t sstain prfitai ity and grth argins f
the past, cpanies have t k fr a ternative
ethds f arketing their prdcts and services
In a stdy cndcted n U.S. anfactring cpanies f
a sizes, it as fnd that  tinatina cpanies
tperfred their strict y destic U.S. cnterparts y
re than tice as fast in sa es and earned ch greater
retrns n eqity and assets.. (exhiit 1.2 pg. 9)
efinitin f Internatina Marketing:
The perfrance f siness activities designed t p an,
price, prte and direct the cpanys f  f gds and
services t cnsers r sers in re than ne natin fr a
prfit ( Ps)
What is the difference eteen arketing
destica y and internatina y
Marketing cncepts are niversa (ga is t ake a prfit)
ifference is that in internatina arketing ALL
envirnents have t e taken int cnsideratin hen the
arketing p an is deve ped and exected
Mst cnsider the ega envirnent, gvernenta cntr s,
c iate & eather, c tra e iefs, yer ehavir
(ncntr a e e eents)
The Internatina Marketing Task (exhiit 1.
pg. 10)
Marketing P an (cntr a e)
Price, Prtin, Prdct, P ace (distritin)
estic Envirnent (ncntr a e)
P itica  ega , cpetitin, ecny
Freign Envirnent (ncntr a e)
Strctre f distritin, gegraphy and infrastrctre,
c tre, p itica  ega , ecny, cpetitin, eve f
techn gy
Other Factrs ithin the Freign
Envirnent t cnsider:
Leve f techn gy
Crssing Brders 1.
P itica and ega isses
C tre
Iprtance f ncntr a e e eents
In rder t scceed internatina y a freign
cpany st nderstand the ipact f the
ncntr a e e eents that ake p that
cntrys c tre
C tra nderstanding is ike an iceerg e are nt
aare f nine-tenths f it
In rder t e sccessf in adapting t the internatina
arkets, the arket p an needs t incrprate strategies
t anticipate as ch f the ncntr a e factrs that
inf ence th the freign and destic arkets and
a  fr axi f exii ity t adjst fr ftre changes
Ostac es t sccess in internatina
SRC Se f-re iance criterin & ethncentris:
Using nes c tre, va es, experiences as a asis fr
decisins in internatina sitatins
By reacting t sitatins in this anner, c tra
differences are ignred, and ehavir ight e ffensive
The ess eg-centric a cpany is, the greater sccess it
i have in arketing its prdcts and services
T e g a y aare, a cpany st
have the f ing
T erance f c tra differences
Kn edge f c tres, histry, r d
arket ptentia , and g a ecnic,
scia , and p itica trends
1. N irect Freign Marketing
Cpany des nt active y prse csters in
freign arkets, t receives the thr
nintended channe s
Prdcts are ght arad thrgh destic
h esa ersdistritrs, esite n the internet
2. Infreqent Freign Marketing
Cpany se s t freign arkets n y hen a
teprary srp s f prdct exists
Once srp s is gne, freign activity is gne
Fe cpanies fit this de ecase f the need t
deve p ng ter re atinships in freign cntries
. Reg ar Freign Marketing
Cpanies prdce their prdcts and services t
priari y se destica y, t a s internatina y
Thrgh desticfreign idd een, sa es frce in
freign cntries
. Internatina Marketing
Cpanies are f y engaged in internatina
arketing strategies
Cpanies are n internatina r  ti-natina
:. a Marketing
Change fr its arketing activities t a
activities fcsed in a g a perspective
In st cases cpanies sa es revenes are
re than f its tta revenes
Treat the r d as ne arket
Market segent is n nger fcsed n
natina rders, rather sch things as ince
eve s, sage patterns, r ther factrs are
ked acrss rders
1. estic Market Extensin Orientatin
Internatina arkets are secndary t its
destic arkets
2. M tidestic Market Orientatin
Each cntry has a specific and separate
arketing p an t adjst t differences
. a Marketing Orientatin
Marketing activities are g a
Strives fr efficiencies f sca e thrgh