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By : Robin Low

what is« social


Social Media is a group of online media which has the following characteristics.

1.Participation 2.Networks 3.Two-way communication 4.Connectivity 5.Open source

traditional media is


1. Supporters do not trust advertisements. (They would rather read a review on a blog or a webpage rather than corporate page) 2. Supporters are immune to interruptive marketing. (too many mediums, too many ads)

3.Suporters are informed, and information
is readily available. 4. With a global business, it cost too much to reach out to everyone. 5. With social media, the cost is $0, no external company needs to be engaged.

change has occurred in the ³ A radical advertising and marketing World of ´

Supporters are not listening anymore

Interruptive marketing has seen it¶s day

The Audience is creating


The Audience is selecting
Time Shift technology


The Audience is changing


Importance of« social


1. 2 way communication ± allows feedback, comments 2. Generate massive amounts of traffic ± get attention and links 3. Viral propagation ± Word of Mouth marketing (Invite friends to promote) 4. Networking ± create community / supporters 5. Branding 6. Search engine visibility

Importance of« social


1. Low cost / high returns 2. Compliments marketing efforts ± use with advertisements and PR 3. Market research / customer feedback 4. Crisis Management ± resolve things before they become a crisis 5. New Communication Channel 6. Less effort with community sharing / help

who should use

social media?

‡ Non-profit Organizations ‡ Companies who want international reach ‡ Artists, Photographers, Musicians« ‡ Entrepreneurs ‡ Large Corporations ‡ Event Organizers ‡ Cats?

social media for NFP
(not for profit organizations)

‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ FREE Create awareness and spread cause Facilitate word of mouth Get feedback and create dialog Engage the public Know your donors and supporters Extend your reach ± Globally!

Engagement is all about making it relevant to the supporter.


James Speros, Chief marketing officer, Ernst & Young


The new paradigm



the ultimate


Brand community!
‡ Build a non-marketing community outreach to deliver a voice for your organization ‡ Use the buzz power ‡ Reach people where they regroup ‡ Leverage on word of mouth



Facebook usage statistics by country - Dec 31st 2009
Rank 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Country USA UK Turkey Indonesia France Canada Italy Philippines Spain Australia Argentina Colombia Mexico Chile Germany Taiwan India Venezuela Malaysia Sweden Number of Facebook users 101,303,240 22,625,300 16,943,780 14,681,580 14,290,700 14,228,460 13,272,760 8,387,560 7,701,200 7,611,920 7,387,120 7,243,520 6,505,040 5,808,020 5,799,520 5,490,300 5,397,480 4,952,340 3,975,640 3,066,180 12 month growth % 140.80% 51.50% 113.60% 1536.70% 117% 31% 137.60% 2046.80% 196.70% 75.80% 227.50% 99.40% 351.50% 39.90% 361.90% 4763% 403.80% 164.20% 367.50% 80.70% 6 month growth % 46.00% 20.90% 36.80% 126% 32.60% 19% 30% 208.40% 33.40% 25.70% 50.60% 25.80% 78.50% 20.20% 84.90% 701% 66.80% 38.40% 99.30% 34.10%

facebook statistics
Usage s. Countr (Top
, , , Usage , , , , , , , , , A ke I o esia a ce a a a Ita ii i es ai A st a ia

Countries on Facebook Dec 2



Asia - .5% se s, fast g owi g Ma ket i ga o e > . mi io se s
tt ://www. ickb c e .com/ 9/ 3/facebook- sage-statistics-b -co t . tm

1 in 4 acebook Users Come rom Asia or the Middle East

internet penetration

internet users

internet penetration (Singapore)
‡ 3,370,000 Internet users as of Sept/09, 72.4% penetration ‡ 1,003,100 broadband subscribers as of June/09 ‡ >1.1 million Facebook Users as of Jan 10



social media

4 pillars of SOCIAL MEDIA
Tips to grow your influence

Existing Networks Create Networks Blogs Articles Groups Forums Pages Twitter eHow YouTube Podcast Join Forums Join Groups Wikipedia Twitter Comment on blogs

Measure Success

Build Relationships # of reply Reply to forums Post value Twitter Follow Twitter reply RT Start Events # of RT # of clicks on links Track influence Sales ROI from links Benchmark with competitors

know what you want to accomplish

Develop a social media marketing plan for a specific goal or purpose. This will help you pick which site to use and how to measure success.

decide on purpose of social media and

organization¶s position
Social media is not just to get donations, decide on what your organization would want to use it for. Your social media presence is more for online branding, educating your customers and engaging the public.

decide on which

platform to use

There are many different social media platforms to use, which one fits your company best? Find where your niche and audience are located and which platforms they are on and engage them there. Tip: Engage in 3 ± 4 platforms. Cross marketing between the platforms creates multiple touch points.

Nonprofit Technology


decide on how your

social media will be managed

Who will be in charge of the Twitter account and Facebook Pages? Find out the rules needed for management to be comfortable. Find different roles for people with different comfort levels and skill sets.

develop social media


Decide on what can be said and what can¶t be said and integrate it into your HR policies. Set up staff training around your social media policy to create awareness amongst all staff.



Social media folks are not used to aggressive marketing, and will be turned off by it. Aggressive marketing may bring negative results.



Be sure you provide many great reasons to follow you. Keep content interesting and varied. Always have your audience in mind.



Consistency is key. Devote a few hours a week to monitor your social media progress. Consistently be part of a community, not there only to market products. Participate in conversations and do not leave conversations you started.

respect copyright and

reference source

There are codes and ethics you need for follow, and in social media, there is no exception. Referencing source, adding links adds credibility to your blogs.



‡ Communication in a 2 way street -- speak, listen and learn ‡ Other people are allowed to have opinions ‡ Give before receiving ‡ Be truthful with your messages

be helpful and


Do not just broadcast your own messages. RT (Re-tweet) interesting news and information to your audience. Reply to comments. Answer questions you know the answer to that appear in your feeds. Participate in conversations.

look for

experts to help

‡ Look around your organization or community for someone who has experience with social networking. ‡ It might be a young staffer, an intern, a volunteer. Get that person involved so you won't be starting from 'scratch.µ ‡ Note that social media there are differences between personal use and organizational use

focus on

quality rather than quantity

On Twitter and Facebook, focus on quality interactions, and build deep relationships. Convert fans into Evangelists and hope they can promote your organization through word of mouth. Numbers may mean more chances of spreading message but DOES NOT GUARANTEE that.

post your

best content

‡ Social networks are at their best when people are passing the viral content around and they will only pass yours around if it is creative. ‡ Come up with interesting profile names, use video or Flash animation. If it does not make you think 'Cool!' then it is probably not going to be viral.

cross promote and

share messages

There are applications that allow you to update status on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. If they are the same message you want to update for all your mediums, simply use Hootsuite. It is ok to update your new blog post on all your different channels and no reason why you should not do that.

who¶s got


find and invite your current supporters
‡ If you have emails of your supporters, good! Use it to get your initial supporters to join your Facebook Groups and Twitter account. ‡ Search for supporters who talk about your organization. Thank them if they have written something good. ‡ Invite supporters to be volunteers for your social media or find passionate interns

activate your supporters
‡ Get supporters to ask their friends to join. ‡ Make sure your social networking pages always feature lots of opportunities to get involved. ‡ Be specific when you do ask your friends to do something for your organization. ‡ Always let people know what happened at an event or with a campaign even if they did not participate. They might get involved the next time.



‡ NOT ALL EVENTS NEED TO BE FUNDRAISERS ‡ Show a human face behind that blog ‡ Use free social media tools to organize events and post photos and videos of the events for supporters to tag themselves ‡ Show supporters who cannot attend to fun they missed. ‡ Facilitate networking

be in for

long haul

Building relationship and trust takes time. Do not give up after trying out for one month. Relationships are not built overnight. Social media can increase your profile and open many opportunities if you try.

don¶t allow it to

consume your time

If not managed properly, social media can be a distraction if you just have conversations in small groups. Make sure your efforts are not in the way of getting things done.

prepare to

lose control

‡ Facilitate, not dictate



³A direct result of not tying activity to an end game, the ability to know what it is we want to measure before we engage. Doing so, allows us to define a strategy and a tactical plan to support activity that helps us reach our goals and objectives.´ -- Brian Solis, author and principal of the FurtureWorks agency

Brian Solis¶s ROAD

‡ As the number of channels increase, overall engagement increases at a faster rate. ‡ Engagement differs by industry. ‡ Financial performance correlates with engagement. ‡ It Provides ´ Multiple Communication Touch Points´



³A direct result of not tying activity to an end game, the ability to know what it is we want to measure before we engage. Doing so, allows us to define a strategy and a tactical plan to support activity that helps us reach our goals and objectives.´ -- Brian Solis, author and principal of the FurtureWorks agency



isabella stewart gardner museum

case 2
catalog / cat welfare society mashup

catalog magazine
‡ Storm Lion and CATALOG MAGAZINE love cats. And we give two paws up to the Cat Welfare Society for their efforts in improving the welfare of community cats in Singapore. They believe that there are humane, effective ways to control the population of community cats - that is, through sterilisation instead of culling.!/album.php?aid=213827&id=120508340762&ref=pb

grow influence
‡ Listen to public ‡ Understand how each channel provides a different dimension of engagement ‡ Centralize coordination ‡ Spread engagement to employees / volunteers beyond the social media team. ‡ Engage in new channels where people already are

grow influence
‡ Open the platform to anyone and everyone. Encourage employees to tap into social media to get work done Support engagement as an extension of the company culture. Be conversational from the start. Make social media part of the job, just like email

‡ ‡ ‡

grow influence
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Modularize and synchronize content across channels Emphasize quality, not just quantity. Hold events to facilitate networking. Post interactive messages to encourage responses. Give ³prizes´ to encourage participation.
Doing Gd is a social movement that will consolidate social and sustainable enterprises, socially responsible movements. 1. Promote Social Entrepreneurship 2. Promote Sustainability 3. Consolidate online social activities for sustainability and social entrepreneurship
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Problems Charities and social movements in Asia are fragmented. Social enterprises, sustainable products are hard to find. Causes / charities have limited marketing budget and resources. Not enough products to sell online
‡ Doing Gd wants to provide free consolidated social media on a single site, users can find causes that concern them, socially conscious gifts, and sustainable products. ‡ Partner with charities and other responsible companies, Doing Gd will also hold events that consolidate socially responsible efforts for causes and help promote fund raising efforts.
Features: (Phase 1) Blogs for socially responsible organizations Online Forums to discuss causes Article / News submission Intelligent online store for sustainable products and social enterprises with social media plugins Twitter / Facebook page to promote partnering organizations Event Calendar
Features: (cont) Wiki for causes / organizations Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Flickr Feeds Widgets and links to partnering sites Consolidated traffic, Search Engine Optimization Reviews and recommendations Events / Conventions / causal meetups
Features: (Phase 2) User¶s social media and search engine aggregation (User can access Twitter / Facebook Feeds on Smartphone / iPhone apps Getting regional products, consolidating orders for cheaper shipping Expanding reach to overseas Getting donations for causes online
Features: (Phase 3) Empowering entrepreneurs to join and be part of by franchising online stores to physical locations Sales training and free marketing online for people who want to sell sustainable and social enterprise products Create membership and rewards system

jump on the social media bandwagon

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