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I N D U S T RY T Y P E :

Te c h n o l o g y
Microsoft i s a world leader
in software, services,
devices and technology
Microsoft has 115,000
employees and 6 5 0 , 0 0 0
across 100+ countries.

Ob j ec t i ve
Streamline the entire
contracting process, from
onboarding to verifying
proof of execution to
authorizing payment.

Microsoft streamlined
its complex partnerincentive contracting
Microsoft jointly sponsors many events with
i ts over 6 5 0 , 0 0 0 partners worldwide, and
those partners earn incentive payments for
the role the events play in driving additional
customers and revenue to Microsoft. The
Icertis Contract
Management platform provided a secure and costeffective solution that greatly simplifi ed
Microsofts process for onboarding these
partners, verifying their compliance with
contractual obligations,
Bu si
n es s C h
a l l eincentive

Resu lt s

Microsoft had decided that its existing solution for handling

Better partner experience

partner-incentive contracts was too time-consuming and that

Increased partner adoption

different steps in the process involved too many disparate and

Ongoing ROI through

poorly integrated systems. Some tools were manual or only semi-

additional customers and


automated, and there was very little standardization. Multiple

back- and-forth emails were often required to verify proof of
execution, which came in many forms such as photographs,
scanned copies, videos, and receipts. As a result, partner
payments were typically delayed and partner experience was
inconsistent. Whats more, the solution wasnt agile and couldnt
take advantage of the


Were n o w
b ro a d e n i n g our
d e p l o y m e n t to
s u p p o r t el ec t ro n i c
p ro o f o f execut i o n
for incentives.

S o l u ti o n

S arathy Annamraju,
Senior Director,

With the Icertis platform, Microsoft could simplify its overall

When Microsoft fi rst began evaluating alternatives, program

administrators predicted that its situation was so complicated
and unique to Microsofts business that it would have to build its
own solution. But the Icertis platform was so flexible and
configurable that Microsoft achieved the functionality it required
quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

process and integrate with numerous applications. The Icertis

platform is an open API-based solution allowing Microsoft to create
an easy-to-navigate, seamless partner experiencefrom
onboarding all the way to payment. Improved and automated
workfl ows helped Microsoft program administrators manage the
program much more efficiently.
The solution was delivered on Azure Cloud, taking advantage of

A b o u t Icertis


Icertis i s the leading provider of

from outside the firewall.

agility and security in handling personal partner data coming

contract lifecycle management in

the cloud with more than a halfmillion user s in over 9 0
Icertis Contract Management i s an
innovative, easy-to-use platform
that i s highly configurable
and continually adapts to

Resu l ts
Microsoft program administrators have become much more
productive, and partners are having a better experience and getting
paid much faster.

business needs, helping

customers increase compliance,

The Icertis solution simplified and accelerated the process for

governance, mitigate r i s k

how we exchanged, reviewed and approved critical documentation

and enhance user

between Microsoft and our partners, says Microsoft Senior


Director Sarathy Annamraju. Were now broadening our

across the global enterprise.
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deployment to support electronic proof of execution for