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Description of the Business and History 

New England Forest Products, located in Greenfield, NH, is a sawmill that specializes in retail and wholesale hardwood products. Owned by David and Deborah Buxton. David, a licensed professional forester, has been in the forest management industry for over 26 years. Established in 1993.   

Description of the Business and History Cont.
³In 1997, there was a setback. On July 3, a freak tornado whipped through the area-leaving the newly renovated mill a areapile of rubble. With help from many local people the mill was up and running again within 6 weeks. This was no easy task and the fact that mill was up and running again in 6 weeks, employees never having lost a day of work, and all markets intact was a testament to what it takes to survive and succeedsucceedcommitment and community.´-NEFP website community.´-

Description of the Business and History Cont. 

NEFP works with several logging and trucking subcontractors. It employs 13 on-site workers. onEmploys 4-5 logging crews, over 50 independent loggers, 4truckers, and many types of land owners throughout New England. NEFP buys more than 5 million feet of wood annually. Wood types include: red oak, soft maple, white ash, and birch.   

Description of the Business and History Cont. 

ByBy-products from the mill are processed into bark mulch for landscaping and sawdust, which is sold locally and made into wood pellets. Lumber is also available for retail sales. Local customers purchase lumber for anything from barns to raised gardens and flower beds. The milled wood is often made into architectural mill-work ± millflooring, stair treads, cabinets to name a few products. NEFP is in the process of opening a retail outlet.    

Current Economic Conditions 

More difficult to buy logs. More difficult to sell manufactured lumber. Increased foreign competition from China and South America. China manufactures a lesser-quality lumber than native lesserspecies. Drop in lumber prices due to depressed real estate market and oversupply.    

Economic Conditions Cont.

Economic Conditions Cont.

Background and the Industry 

Wood has been an important construction material since the beginning of time. Hardwood tends to come from broad leaved trees, produce a fruit or nut, and can survive in the winter. Hardwood is of higher density and hardness than softwood. Hardwoods are used to build furniture, cabinetry, flooring, utensils, etc. The hardwood industry in the northeast depends on private forest owners for their raw material supply.    

Future Goals 

An expansion project to turn workers¶ 50 hour weeks into 40 hour weeks without sacrificing production. New computer equipment/software to tally production levels. Minimize waste, be efficient, and Green Focus. Focus on developing local market. Focus on developing new retail outlet on site.    

Marketing Mix: 4 P¶s Product, Promotion, Price, Place 

Product: The SBA Group prioritized on hard wood products for retail. Promotion: The SBA Group prioritized on website development and logo design. Price: The SBA Group thematically emphasized competitive pricing. Place: The SBA Group focused on developing a primary local market in Southern NH, and a secondary international/global market.   

Website Design Layout

Suggested Home-Page Layout Home-

HomeHome-Page Suggestions 

ReRe-construct the format of the homepage. Create each page with a link back to the homepage, to help simplify navigation. Create a short statement using keywords to welcome and inform potential customers about New England Forest Products. Less is more!!! Take away clutter and excess information on the homepage, and add links to important areas.   

HomeHome-Page Suggestions Cont.
Use a slogan for the homepage 

Delete existing opener- ³Practicing the highest level of openerprofessional forestry´ Add a new slogan; Here are some possibilities: 


NEFP, locally grown, nationally used. Wood products from your own back yard. New England Forest Products committed to providing the finest quality timber since 1993. Imagine what our wood could become. Professionalism with a touch of family. Family ran, community built. Branching out to you, for you.

HomeHome-Page Suggestions Cont.
Create a short statement, using keywords: 

Google advertising has generated some keywords that people search for in relation to purchasing wholesale or retail forest products. To be an effective website, and also to boost popularity and search ratings, NEFP must create a short statement informing the public about the company, using some of these keywords. 

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Suggested Google Terms
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Deborah Buxton¶s Suggested Terms
Timber Forestry Stumpage TSP Logs Cordwood Firewood Licenseced forester Forest management Timber appraisal Log buyer Procurement forester Tree farm KD Lumber Kiln dried lumber Grade stakes TSI Current use Management plan Logger Hardwood Softwood Logging Sawdust Chips Millwork Retail lumber Wholesale lumber Sustainable Sustainability Buy local Buy green Bark mulch Lumber Boards Custom sawing Veneer FAS/1F Select 1 common 2 Common 3A Common Sound 3B Cants Green Rough cut S2S Stair treads Flooring

HomeHome-Page Recommended Text
New England Forest Products is a lumber supplier seeking to meet your forest product needs. Whether it be a small or large project, our diverse wholesale and retail selections of hardwood and softwood allow us to do our job to ensure every customer leaves as a satisfied one. We specialize in kiln dried wood and hardwood lumber products. Our mill and retail products. outlet is located on Route 31 in Greenfield, New Hampshire.
GreenGreen- Google Keywords RedRed- Deborah Buxton¶s Keywords BlueBlue- Google & Deborah Buxton¶s Keywords

³About Us´ Link 

Rather than have a major link labeled ³mission´ on the homepage, an ³About Us´ link would be more strategic. Should be more condensed. Other Layout Suggestions Should have links along the side of the page (or top or bottom) to the following related areas: Mission, History, Meet The Staff, Location/Directions, Careers, and In the News.  

³About Us´ Link Recommended Edited Text
New England Forest Products is a retail and wholesale lumber producer. We are a hardwood mill focusing on quality northern hardwoods, such as red oak, maple, white ash, and birch. Our customers purchase lumber for various projects, including raised garden beds, truck and trailer decking, sideboards for trucks, blocking, sheds, barns, custom flooring, stair treads, and cabinets. By-products from the mill are also Byprocessed into landscaping products, including mulch and sawdust, used for wood pellets. That we are a green company that cares for the environment, and we apply sustainable practices ensures high quality products. ³We like to think of this company as one that is involved with the practice of forestry involving many different aspects ± from educating and working with landowners who share our mission of conscientious management of a sustainable and important resource, to the manufacturing of a product actually made here in the United States. There are many changes happening in the industry. More products are being manufactured outside of this country. The term µexotic woods¶ sometimes translates to endangered species and illegal logging. The products we manufacture here are being produced as part of good forestry, and we are proud of that fact. By practicing good forestry and good business, we are hopefully leaving a better world for the future!´-NEFP Website future!´-

³Mission´ Link Recommended Text 

NEFP needs a mission statement 

None exists on the website 

An example of a possible mission statement 

Our mission at New England Forest Products is to provide our customers with the highest quality wood products, at a competitive price, using environmentally friendly practices.

³History´ Link Recommended Edited Text
New England Forest Products was established in 1993. The mill was formerly the site known as M.E. Smith¶s mill. Dave Buxton, owner of the mill, is a licensed professional Forester (LPF#180) for the State of New Hampshire. After graduating from the University of New Hampshire with a degree in forestry, Buxton worked as county forester for Hillsborough and Coos counties. Eventually, he earned the position of Marketing and Utilization Specialist for the University of New Hampshire. He left the University system and began to work in the private sector. In 1993, he purchased the current business site located on Route 31. Over the years, he had established relationships with landowners interested in good forest management, as well as local loggers. These relationships are an integral part of the success of New England Forest Products. Dave expanded the business - upgrading the equipment to increase efficiency and productivity of the mill. In 1997, the was a setback. On July 3, a freak tornado whipped through the area ± leaving the newly renovated mill a pile of rubble. With the help of NEFP¶s neighbor across the street, American Steel; a local builder, Norm Shephard, as well as many friends, the mill was up and running again within 6 weeks. This was no easy task and the fact that the mill was up and running again in six weeks ± employees never having lost a day of work, and all markets intact ± was a testament to what it takes to survive and succeed ± commitment and community!!

³Meet the Staff´ Link Suggestions 

Since it is a small family ran company, people would like a meet the staff section. The SBA Group believes it will benefit the company as it will show the consumer that they care about family values and employees. 

³Directions´ Link Suggestions 

Located on Route 31 (also known as Sawmill Road) in Greenfield, N.H. Give directions to the mill from major cities/towns throughout Mass and NH. Include a map  

³Careers´ Link Suggestions 

We recommend that the About Us page should include a direct link to career opportunities at the mill.

³In the News and Testimonials´ Testimonials´ Link Suggestions 

We recommend that the About Us page include the In the News section and Testimonials of buyers, suppliers, and other stakeholders. stakeholders

Other Website Suggestions 

NEFP needs pictures of the finished products prices below it. Show average comparative prices to prove that NEFP prices are lower, amplify this to gain a competitive advantage. 

Rules for obtaining the highest ³quality website´ in the perception of Google 

Minimize the number of links on homepage. Use routing links to navigate between homepage and minor pages. Maximize the number of unique pages within the website. Link every minor and routing page back to the homepage.   

Create Wikipedia Account 

This is a perceived as an impartial overview of a specific topic. This allows you to show yourself in a positive light to the public in a very simple format.  

All Wikipedia pages follow the same basic outline and characteristics. 

The most important aspect is that the entry is written in an impartial third person perspective with little to no opinions placed in the entry. Monitor regularly for needed changes 

You Tube 

Create videos Edit videos Place videos Monitor You Tube forums relevant to NEFP Add up-date videos as new staff happens up-    

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