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By: Brittany Hathcock

Primary rates of

Looking at this chart it shows the percentages of why
people have abortions. The two biggest percentages are..
- 25% of them cant afford a baby.
-Being poor and bad timing which comes out to be 27%.
It was surprising to see the reason why women have
abortions was because of being poor or bad timing. This
could be were teens fall into this category.
It was surprising to read that medical and health
situation's were one of the lowest percentages because
some families dont want to have to give a life up
because of a health situation.

Pro Life Activist

Pro life activists believe that abortion is not
only murder but its in immoral act. So they
basically believe that abortion is illegal. They
consider a baby to be a human life as soon as
conception. Those who are pro life usually
have religious beliefs.
Pro life activists also believe that with the
research has proven that abortion can lead to
complication with future pregnancies and
even breast cancer.

Does Abortion affect

breast cancer?
Womans hormone levels change throughout
their life for a variety of reasons which can lead
to changes in the breast.
Research has been shown and been conducted
that shows whether having an inducted abortion
or a miscarriage can influence a woman's
chances of developing breast cancer later in life.
These test are still being tested by the national
cancer institute that are lead by experts who
study pregnancy and breast cancer risk.

Pro Choice
Pro choice believe that the individuals right to choose
what happens with their body. They also feel that as
choice activists that abortion should be legal.
Even if it were illegal it doesnt stop women from
getting it done anyways which will lead to medical
complications performing abortions illegally in non
sanitary conditions.
With the debates going on with pro life and pro choice
they both have the same beliefs but understand that
there are those who think its still wrong to kill a life.

How to prevent
Choose a birth control you can find this at a planned
parenthood it can be more affordable for younger
Use a condom- you can find these at drugstores and
even at planned parenthood.
Diaphragms- you can also find this at planned
parenthood as well. It will help prevent pregnancy.
Sometimes plan B can be hopeful it can be found in
Some of these prescriptions can help most of the time
to prevent women from getting pregnant.

Other Options:
There are other options instead of having an
When having a baby you can raise it as your own or
with your spouse and it could change your life.
The second option is to have the baby and give it up
for adoption. If you know you wont be able to take
care of another individual there are families out
there who arent able to bare their own children that
would be more than happy to adopt.
There are those who also like to take kids in from
foster care and care for them.

Other Options
135,000 children are adopted in the United
States each year.
59% child welfare
26% other countries
15% abortion
- 47.6 percent of women between the age 25
and 44 aren't able to bare any babies.
- 415,129 children in foster care.
- 29% were in relative home
- 46% nonrelative foster family homes.