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How to Not Die

By: Zach Fleming, Kevin Sohn, Shawn Joseph, and Connor Bazis

8 of 10 leading causes of
death in the US are illnesses.
Top 5 deaths = 63% of all
40% of them are preventable.

Preventing Illness

Exercise reduces risk of:

Heart disease
High blood pressure

Heart Disease
614,348 dead in 2015
5 main risk factors: Smoking/Tobacco Use, high blood cholesterol, physical
inactivity, obesity, and diabetes.

Preventing Heart Disease

Monitor blood cholesterol with lipid panels
Keep LDL to HDL ratio to a minimum
Take action against diabetes risk
Is it possible to reverse?

Miscellaneous Causes of Death

>Accidental Death
>Serious Causes

Accidental Deaths
>Dont do it.

Drunk driving death from 1982 -

How many?
Nearly 10,000 people die annually
27 people die daily
290,000 people were injured
4,300 annually by underage drinking
Nearly 200 children die annually

Who does it most?

21 24 (30%)

25 34 (29%)

About 2

Visual function
Multi- task

About 3
About 4

Reduced ability to
track moving
response to
driving situation
Speech control

What should you do then?

Designated Driving Service
Car pool
Friends house

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