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Effective Descriptive Writing Skills



INTRODUCTION    Descriptive writing is to portray a man place or thing in a manner that a photo in a shaped in a pursuer's brain Instructing understudies to compose all the more illustratively will enhance their composition by making it all the more fascinating and drawing into peruse Descriptive writing is brainstorming of every points of interest connected with the sudject .

STETMENT OF PROBLEM  What do authentic materials contribute to developing students skill in writing a descriptive paraphrase  To what extend do descriptive materials some as good materials in descriptive text writing .

OBJECTIVE  To investigate how will the authentic materials make the student easier in writing  To investigate the result in writing a descriptive text by using the authentic materials .

METHODOLOGY  To assess the students through pre test and post test  Number of question: 4  Number of Students : 10 .

Write an opinion about good teachers?  2.Which possible word we can used in place of ran?     1.QUESTIONS  Sample of questions are:  1. Smiled 3. Jogged 2. failed .Write two points about your worse experience 3.

CONCLUSION  To understand how to develop the descriptive writing skill  Students shadily build writing skills and confidence .

RECOMMENDATIONS/SUGESION  Teacher must prepare the media well in order to make the teaching learning successful  Match pictures with the material so that the goal of the lesson can be fulfilled .