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Case Study: Collegiate

Female High Jumper
Sydnie Leroy
December 2015
SNES 549 Final Presentation

Presentation Objectives

To discuss the athlete


Training Schedule

To review the diet


What are we prescribing

and why

3 day menu plan

Discussion and conclusions


Did we meet the goals?

About the Athlete

Female Collegiate Division 1

Track and Field Athlete

Specializes in the Jumping

Events (high jump, long
jump, etc)

59 and weighs 135 pounds

Trains indoor year-round
although competes outdoor
from March- June


To maintain competing
weight but build strength
at the same time

High jump 1.85 meters

(which would qualify for
Division 1 National Finals)

Improve technique

Training Schedule

This athlete is in pre-season from September 1 to December 15 th

Would train Monday through Saturday pre-season from 3:30 to 5:30

Monday- Friday. 3 days a week (M/W/F) this athlete will spend an
additional hours (5:30- 6:30) weight lifting

Monday and Wednesday are high jump technique day, Tuesday and
Thursday are sprint and power day, and Friday would be a
conditioning circuit

Saturday morning at 10 am this athlete will run stadium steps

From December 15th June 1 this athlete is in season

Monday- jump day and weight lifting

Tuesday- power and sprints

Wednesday- jump day and weight lifting

Thursday- Endurance and long sprints

Friday- light pre-meet shake-out work out

Saturday- competition

Dietary Prescription

Should be consuming about 5-7 g /kg body weight of


body weight of 135 lbs (61 kg)

302- 428 grams of carbohydrates per day

1208 to 1712 kcals per day from carbs

Out of a total 2600 kcal diet, this is between 46% and 66% of her
daily diet from carbohydrates

Needs to consume a high- carbohydrate meal 1-4 hours before
Note: some days when she is focusing on sprints and endurance
she will need to be at the upper recommendation for
carbohydrate intake

Dietary Prescription

Should be consuming about 1.2- 1.7 g /kg body weight

of protein

body weight of 135 lbs (61 kg)

73- 104 grams of proteins per day

657- 936 kcals per day from proteins

Out of a total 2600 kcal diet, this is between and 25 % and

36%of her daily diet from proteins

Needs to consume protein immediately post-workout
Note: some days when she is strength training, she may need
to increase her protein intake and consume towards the
upper recommended intake

Dietary Prescription

Should be consuming about 1 g /kg body weight of Fats

body weight of 135 lbs (61 kg)

61g of fats per day

550g per day from proteins

Out of a total 2600 kcal diet, this about 21% of her daily diet
from fats

Should not consume a high-fat meal within 1-4 hours of
Note: This athlete may need to decrease this amount even
more to increase her carbohydrates and proteins to meet
her goal of maintaining weight but getting stronger

Dietary Prescription

If this athlete is following the prescribed diet plan, she

will not need to consume supplements


Because she is a female athlete, she may be iron deficient

She will need to be screened for this and if her iron is low,
we will include more high-iron foods in her diet or
consider an iron supplement

If this athlete is unable to eat a high-protein meal or snack

immediately post-workout we may consider a protein
powder shake or drink, because the timing of this protein
intake is very important

3 Day Menu
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


1 cup of vanilla fat-free

1 whole wheat bagel with 1
TBS peanut butter spread

1.5 cups of quick cooked

oatmeal with cup raw
blueberries and cup raw

2 large eggs fried with

vegetable oil, served with
a tomato, an avocado,
and cup of cheddar
1 medium banana


2 cups of Caesar salad with

1 turkey sandwich with
lettuce, tomato, avocado,
and cheese on whole wheat

2 cups of whole wheat pasta

with tomato sauce and
cup of low fat mozzarella
cheese and 1 cup of summer
squash/ zucchini

1 cup of macaroni and

1 medium chicken breast,
1 cup of fresh, cooked

Pre Workout Snack

Granola Bar

1 large banana and 1

granola bar

1 whole wheat English

muffin with 2 tbs hummus

Post workout snack

1.5 oz almonds

1 small peanut butter and

jelly sandwich
cup of trail mix(nuts,
seeds, dried fruits)

cup of almonds


I medium baked chicken

breast with 1 cup of broccoli
and 1.5 cups of brown rice

1 medium salmon fillet

baked in olive oil
1.5 cups of asparagus

2 cups of vegetarian chili

2 large slices whole wheat
bread from a bakery, plain
1 cup fruit salad

Evening Snack

1 cup vanilla low fat frozen


1 cup vanilla low fat vanilla


whole-wheat bagel

Conclusions and Discussion
Did we meet our goals?
Prescribed diet slightly high in:

(would probably want to lower this slightly for her to build strength,
but the athlete should try this diet and see how she personally feels)

(could be good for an athlete who is sweating heavily and losing a

high amounts of sodium)

Room for improvement:


is always room for more fruits and vegetables in an athletes diet

Important to remember: it is necessary to form an

open and honest communication dialogue with the
athlete and tailor the diet prescription with their

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Further Questions or

Feel free to contact me

Sydnie Leroy

Marywood University, M



d, M., & Doyle, A. (2012). Protein. InNutrition for Sport and Exercise(2nd ed.). Belmont, California: Wa