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Filipino Composers

Triumvirate of Filipino Composers .

Antonio Molina  He is the first National Artist for Music  Known as “Claude Debussy of the Philippines” .

His .• He was fascinated by the dynamics and harmonious of Debussy. but retained much of the Romantic Style in his melody.

Nasaan Ka Irog. His bestknown compositions include Mutya ng Pasig.Nicanor Abelardo  Father of Sonata in the Philippines  He is a composer in the RomanticImpressionistic style. .

.• He is the composer of “UP Naming Mahal” • The UP College of Music and Main Hall was named after him.

Madaling Araw. Ano Kaya ang Kapalaran. and Kundiman (Anak Dalita).Fransisco Santiago  The Father of Kundiman Art Song.  Among his famous works are Pakiusap. .

• He became the first Filipino Director of the UP Conservatory of Music. • Composer of Pilipinas Kong Mahal .

20 Century Filipino Composers th .

Buenaventura  He promoted Philippine music by extensively using folk materials in his works. .  He was a music instructor and band conductor of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).Antonino R.

he restored the Philippine Constabulary Band in 1945. which was reputedly likened to a symphony orchestra.  It was considered as “one of the best military bands in the world. Later.” It would later be renamed .

 He also created the Buencamino Music Academy in 1930. . Conservatory of Music. Nicanor Abelardo was one of his students.Francisco Buencamino  Francisco Buencamino founded the Centro Escolar de Señoritas.

Mayon (Fantasia de Concierto) are some of his compositions. . Collar de Sampaguita. Harana. Dulces las Horas. Pandanggo ni Neneng.

.  He is a Nationalistic Composer who wrote Bagong Lipunan during the martial law.Felipe de Leon  Felipe de Leon received a posthumous award as National Artist for Music in 1997.

 He wrote the popular Christmas carols Payapang Daigdig (1946). . both in 1965. and Pasko Na Naman. Noche Buena.

Lucio San Pedro  He incorporated Philippine folk elements in his compositions with Western forms and harmony.  He was declared National Artist for Music in 1991 .

was his most popular composition . Sa Ugoy ng Duyan. a lullaby melody sung by his mother.

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