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"One person's trash is

another person's
By: Bria Miller

O Reason for doing this: not all trash

is trash
O Things can be re-used
O Can create new things
O I made 3 crafts out of recycled
O Spoon Light
O Key Wind Chime
O Bookmarks

Why Reuse?
O Keeps goods and materials out

of the waste stream

O Creates less air and water
pollution than making a new
item or recycling
O Saves money in purchases and
disposal costs

Spoon Light

O Plastic spoons
O Large plastic jug
O Scissors
O Double-sided tape
O Saw
O Light to install the spoon light on


O For this project I used the following


Old cereal box, tissue box, etc.

Rubber bands
Hole puncher
Black marker

O 1. Use a ruler to measure how large I wanted the

bookmark to be

O 2. Use a pencil to sketch out the size and shape

of the bookmark

O 3. Go over the pencil lines with a black


O 4. Break down box so that it is flat

O 5. Cut along the black lines

O 6. Use hole puncher to punch out a single

hole at the top of the bookmark

O 7. Take broken rubber band and tie it

through the hole at the top

O 8. Use as a bookmark

Key Wind Chime

O 7 keys
O 3 different colors of spray paint
O Stick
O String
O Scissors
O Fish line & hook

Gregory Kloehn
Artist who
took trash
and recycled
that he
mostly on
the streets,
and used to
make small
houses for

Gregory Kloehn
O To date, Kloehn has built 35 miniature homes for

the homeless in Oakland and San Francisco

O One of the biggest reasons for homelessness is
a life altering event or series of events that
were unexpected and unplanned for
O One of the most difficult things for people that
are homeless to overcome is to be able to go
back to their everyday lives
O He actually aims to reduce homelessness and
provide a safe shelter for those in poverty
O Most of the items that Kloehn used to make the
houses were things that were illegally thrown
onto the roads of Oakland

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Your Task
O I am going to give you 5 recyclable materials:
O Newspaper/magazine paper
O Empty bottle
O Bottle cap
O Paper clip
O String

O You have 5 minutes to create anything you

can think of using the materials provided

O Once 5 minutes is up, the class will vote on
who they think created the best piece
O The winner will receive a prize

Voting Time!
O I will give everyone a yellow slip of paper
O Students will walk around the room and

look at each others pieces

O Students will place their yellow slip of
paper next to the piece that they think is
the best
O You cannot vote for your own piece
O Whoever receives the most yellow slips is
the winner!

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