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Raising Diabetes Awareness

in the Elderly
Rachel Lima, Sean Chester, Caroline Sethney, Morgan
Frank, and Sarah Naves

Under Unaffected

Cells in the body utilize
glucose for energy
A hormone, Insulin, allows
cells to use the glucose for energy
Beta cells in the pancreas
secrete the insulin

What happens in Type II Diabetes
● Insulin receptors do not
respond correctly
● Reduction in
amount of insulin produced
● Excess glucose in blood

Why is it Important?
Disease Process of Type II DM

With the steadily increasing
prevalence of deaths related to
type II diabetes, it is important
to understand the disease
process and how to prevent
disease onset.

Leads to short term health problems
Untreated, leads to damaged blood vessels
Increases risk for stroke, heart disease,
nerve damage and kidney disease

● Type II DM is the 7th leading cause of death in the United
● Type II DM lowers life expectancy by up to 15 years.
● Type II DM increases the risk of heart disease by 2 to 4 times
● Type II DM costs the United States an estimated $174 billion
in medical care, disability and premature death
● 1.7 million Americans develop type II DM each year
● About 26% of American seniors have type II DM

Risk Factors

Fat distribution
Family history
Gestational diabetes

Signs and Symptoms

Frequent urination
Increased thirst and hunger
Unexplained weight loss
Blurred vision
Slow wound healing and frequent infections
Tingling or numbness in hands and/or feet

Type II diabetes is

Diet - What to Eat
● Smaller portion sizes
● More fiber
o Oatmeal
o Whole grain rice
o Whole wheat bread
● A variety of fruits and vegetables
o Green and orange vegetables
o Beans and peas

Diet - What to Avoid
● Foods high in sugar
o Soda
o Fruit-flavored drinks
● Fatty and salty foods
o Canned soups and vegetables
o Pickles
o Processed meats

● Regular exercise is
critical to diabetes
● Increases cell insulin
● Can lower glucose levels
● Start slowly with light

In Class Activity
● Each table look at the question on your table
and take one minute to discuss the question
with your group members.
● Come up with an answer, then pick a group
member to present your answer to the rest of
the audience.

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