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Class Timing

Natalie Hole, Alyssia Saldana, Sim Bal

Research Topic
How does the timing of classes
affect GPA?

Why this topic?

We chose this topic because we wanted to find out if the timing of
classes, whether early in the morning, in the afternoon, or night
classes, would affect a students GPA or not.

Our Survey Questions

What level are you in college?
What is your GPA?
How many classes are you enrolled in?
On what days of the week do you have class?
What time do you usually start class each day?

Our Survey Questions

What time do you usually
end class each day?
Asked to tell us the timing of classes for most students and what time of day do
most students have classes.(Morning,Afternoon,Evening)

Do you have breaks in between each class? If so, how long?

Do you find it easier to keep up with school and work when you have
long breaks in between each class, or short breaks?
We asked these to figure out if having a break in between classes, and if the length
of the break, affects GPA as well.

The Data
Most students have 4-6

Most students have classes

on Tuesdays and

Each college level has an

average GPA above 3.0.

The Data
More students have classes
that start earlier in the
morning than in the

Most students have classes

that end mid-afternoon.

The Data
More students have long
breaks in between their

A significant amount of
students prefer breaks in
between their classes.

From the information gathered in our survey, we came to the
conclusion that most students have 4-6 classes, and they typically
start in the morning. Based on the average GPAs, students that
have morning classes will have a better GPA.
Also, most students have breaks between their classes and they
prefer to have breaks. This may also be a reason the GPA averages
are high.

So What?
We thought that the timing of classes would affect a students GPA.
Based on what we gathered, we can say that this is true because
the amount of students that had a high grade. The majority of them
had classes in the early morning and had breaks in between their
classes. This means that we can also say that the time in between
classes can affect a students GPA as well.

The main issues that we had in our project had to do with the
questions in our survey.
We had some problems with the responses of the timing of classes. The problem mainly being with
AM and PM times. Analyzing the data turned out to be more difficult because we had figure out a
way to group together all of the responses.

We also had some problems with our long and short answer
We had to take extra time to go through and read all of the written responses to look for the 1-2
word answers that we needed for our data to put into graphs. We probably should have used a
multiple choice question format rather than a short/long answer question format.