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Company Overview


Walt Disney is one of the largest media

and entertainment corporations in the world
Founded on October 16,1923
The company also operated under the
names The Walt Disney Studio, then Walt
Disney Productions.
Disney also owns and operates
the ABC broadcast television network; cable
television networks such as Disney
Channel, ESPN

CSR Mission Statement


Walt Disney company is committed to balancing

environmental stewardship with its corporate goals
and operations throughout the world.
The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest and
most well-known corporations practicing Corporate
Social Responsibility (CSR) all the way down the line
in their business model. As the largest media and
entertainment composition in the world, and aside
from its constant implementing , Disney has a
tremendous responsibility to give back to those who
have helped it become the powerhouse that it is today

Walt Disneys CSR

Project Green
Charity Grants
The Disney Worldwide
Conservation Fund

Project Green

has focused on the environment

from the beginning as is a reoccurring
theme in business practices. Part of the
proceeds from three Disneynature films to
date Earth, Oceans, and African Cats
have planted three million trees in Brazils
threatened Atlantic Forest, protected 40,000
acres of coral reef in the Bahamas, and
conserved 50,000 acres of savanna wildlife
corridors in Africa.

Charity Grants

Walt Disney Company mainly

focuses on the environment, community,
and labor standards while focusing
heavily on volunteerism.
The Company continues to give to
charity, with an increased focus on natural
disasters such as the earthquakes in Haiti
in 2010.

Disney Worldwide Conservation


Disney Worldwide Conservation

Fund, established on Earth Day in 1995,
supports efforts of local and global nonprofits who protect wildlife, ecosystems,
and make a positive impact on the
community. Since its inception, the
Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund has
helped to support over $20 million in
projects in over 112 countries.


in the organization focuses on sustainable

growth. It is not easy to implement the CSR
culture especially for a large multinational
company as Walt Disney, however Walt Disney
is trying to focus more on green standard and
worldwide conservation.
Disney maintains the highest ethical standards
from theme parks to their consumer products
and takes their corporate social responsibility
seriously and with a great amount of pride.