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BitTorrent Sync

2013.01.24 PreAlpha ~ 2015.11.28 v2.2.82

Sync based on BitTorrent P2P protocal.

Sync files

between devices on local network

between remote devices over the
Folders Sync By its SECRET(a random string 20 bytes or
Traffic is encrypted(AES-128) using a private key
derived from the shared SECRET key

Problem Statements
move huge datasets when porting titles
People who want to share a massive amount of
files with someone
People who worry about cloud storage limits
Students wishing to use cloud services, but the
cost of the high traffic package does not adapt
the demands.
Office workers want to transfer files between
devices with high-speed.
The groups wants to transfer files with high
security, not through 3rd party servers.

Storage is only limited by how much space is on your
hard drive
Your files are never uploaded to a third-party server
Fast transfer speeds that are only limited by the
internet connection speed on your devices
Server downtime doesn't affect you since your files are
never uploaded to another server
Sync any folder or file you want from anywhere on
your hard drive
You can install it on your own NASso it works almost
identically to other cloud like Dropbox

P rp lm
At least one of your computers needs to be on perform
People you share folders and files with need BitTorrent
Sync installed, there's no web app to access your files
You have to share folders, and can't share individual
files (a Pro tieris expected that will offer this feature
Doesn't have
collaboration and built-in file editing featureslike other
Doesn't work as well as a cloud backup since it only
syncs between computers

P r st
1. DownloadBitTorrent Sync for your operating system
2. Open up the app
3. Pick the folders you want to sync across computers.
Click the "+" button and pick your folder. Those
folders are now ready for sharing
4. Click the gear icon and select "Link Device"
5. Click "Link a Desktop Device Manually," you'll get a
35 digit code
6. Head to another computer and repeat steps 1 and 2.
7. On the second computer, click the gear icon > Link
Device > Link Device Manually > Enter Key and enter
the 35 digit code from step 5

Cha ln