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Beshy, what is sports
It is basically News Writing…
And Features Writing…
And Editorial Writing…
And Column Writing.

It’s everything beshy.
Only it is considered as specialized field.

too. has a greater freedom of style. however. The latter. brevity and clarity -virtually apply to sports writing. . conflict. human interest. oddity. numbers and others – are also present in sports writing. romance or sex. consequence.Observably all the elements found in news writing – timeliness or immediacy. All the rules present in news writing – especially those on accuracy. drama. proximity or nearness. prominence.

The sports writer who can expertly describe the sports action through words. indeed. phrases or sentences is one successful writer.ACTION is present in sports and it is the duty of the sports writer to bring or picture this action to the readers who were unable to directly watch the actual contest. .

Beshy. MUST constantly bear in mind that he writes for his readers and not for himself. 7. MUST know the coaches and players as intimately as possible. 4. 5. not as a spectator or cheerer. MUST use the specialized language of the particular sports he is reporting. how to be a good Sports Writer? 10 Qualities of a good sports writer 1. MUST observe accuracy in his articles or write-ups. 6. 2. 8. factual terms that truly describe the action. . 3. strategies. MUST attend games as a reporter. and should tell the story in plain. MUST be fair and unbiased in reporting. 9. MUST avoid sports slang and trite expressions. MUST not make comments without supporting them with facts on which these are based. MUST know sports well enough – its rules. MUST be able to take notes quickly without losing the sequence of the play. team and player records and the like. even though he has a favorite team among the competing groups. 10.


and aftergame quotes from coaches and players. . “ Ex. who lost. The lead summarizes the main points . and what the star player did. the score. It's just what it sounds like: an article about a game that uses a straight-news type of lead. with an account of the big plays and playmakers.: Quarterback Pete Faust threw the touchdown passes to lead the Jefferson High School Eagles to a 21-7 victory over crosstown rival McKinley High.who won. The rest of the story follows from there.The Straight-Lead Game Story The straight-lead game story is the most basic story in all of sportswriting.

much like the game that would follow.The Feature-Lead Game Story Feature-lead game stories are common for pro sports. It's the writer's job to give them something more.: It had rained all that day in the city of brotherly love. so when they pick up a sports section they want stories they offer a different angle on what happened and why. Readers usually already know the score of pro games as soon as they're done. and doesn't get to the final score until the second paragraph. The story starts out with some description. that's fine: readers will already know the score. so when the Philadelphia Eagles took the field the ground was already a soggy mess . Delayed-lede game stories tend to be a bit more indepth that straight-lede stories. and as a result are . Ex. Again.

Profiles The sports world is full of colorful characters. "Again! You don't stop! You don't quit! York work 'till you get it right!" And so they continue. "Again!" he shouts. Whether it's a charismatic coach or a young athlete on the rise. Ex. A pained look crosses the face of the coach of the McKinley High School basketball team as one player after another misses the basket. Coach Dale wouldn't have it any other way.: Norman Dale surveys the court as his players practice layups. until they start to get it right. . so it's no surprise that personality profiles are a staple of sportswriting. some of the best profiles anywhere are found in sports sections.

Season Preview and Wrap-Up Stories Season previews and wrap-ups are fixtures of the sportswriter's repertoire. or when the season has just ended. either in glory or infamy. led by the play of Juanita Ramirez. Ex. Obviously the focus here isn't a specific game or even individual. or how they feel once that season is done. but a broad look at the season ." Coach Johnson says. . "We expect great things from her. These are done any time a team and a coach are preparing for the coming season. the Lions were city champions last year. who returns to the team this year as a senior.: Coach Jenna Johnson has high hopes for the Pennwood High School women's basketball team this the coach and players expect things to go. After all.

Columns A column is where the sportswriter gets to vent his or her opinions. But Wilson is the model of an unselfish team player.: Lamont Wilson certainly isn't the tallest player on the McKinley High School basketball team. "I just do whatever I can to help the team. he's hard to spot in the sea of mid 6-footers on the court." the ever-modest Wilson says. fearlessly. But sports columnists also focus on those they admire. or a mostly unheralded player who may be short on natural talent but makes up for it with hard work and unselfish play. and the best sports columnists do just that. At 5-foot-9. . whether it's an inspirational coach who leads a team of underdogs to a great season. the kind of athlete who makes those around him shine. Ex.

Sports Novelty Leads .

though. They  use  different  writing  approaches  to  present different  news situations  to  attract  the  reader’s attention and  arouse  curiosity.Novelty Leads  differ  from  summary  leads  in  that they make no attempt to answer all of the five Ws and the H. A double black-eye. The St. with his sights set on bigger things. Louis Cardinals surrounded Reggie Sanders in the clubhouse and chanted “MVP! MVP! MVP!” LAS VEGAS – Shane Mosley was anything but sweet. . He was a winner. With that. it’s understandab le why Ateneo coach Norman Black is feeling blue these days.


com . Diagram featured by http://slidemodel. Start with where it's interesting and then go back and catch us up.The NEWS RELATED Sports Lead (aka The Intro ) • • • • • • • A good sports lead contains A highlight of the game Two teams involved Type of sport Score or outcome When the game was played Where the game was played Feature the most unusual happening in the game. What makes this game different from all the others? It does not need to follow chronological order.

Keep it about people. not just statistics . keep talking about your best material and slowly work into the less important information. Not everything is interesting.Once the lead is written. Many sports stories normally end with an interesting or important quote from the coach or a key player or figure. It is not necessary to give a play by play account. Remember that this does not need to be chronological.

and invite them inside • • • • • • • • Tell a story Cite a surprising statistic Find a new twist on a common phrase Relate to a topical theme Make a strong declaration Contradict conventional thinking Pose a question BE CREATIVE . A lead block of one or two paragraphs often begins a feature. Set a mood.The INFORMATIVE or HUMAN INTEREST Lead A summary may not be the best lead. arouse your readers.

plus the game’s significance. . too. Give the best scores of the day as well as the team or individual standings after the game. Give the play-by-play account of the contest. The weather condition may be mentioned. if any. Statements that are quite controversial or significant may likewise be included in the body of the story. together with the crowd’s reactions and subsequent post-game celebration scenes. the body should be given the same treatment. taking note of decisive or interesting plays or any highlights that occurred therein.The Body of the Story If the lead is written in a thrilling vein.

USE of SLANG LANGUAGE DISCARD: … a severe blow administered to the face and another. PREFERRED : the belt line. … a hard uppercut to the jaw and a left jab to DISCARD: The left-handed pitcher threw the ball so well that his opponents were unable to strike it. with the left hand. PREFERRED: The southpaw pitched airtight ball . to the region of the stomach.

fails to make the catch. two out of three.upper cut. southpaw. backhand volley. flyweight. fielder. 30second clock. lost BOXING . knockout loss. short stop. swatters. rally. shut out. jab. good serving. corner kick. heavyweight. fullback.SPORTS VOCABULARY (Some frequently used terms or sports lingo) BASKETBA LL quintet. wallop. spikes. landed a left body blow. pitcher. back stop. . tipin. manto-man. long tom. a double steal of second and third bases. pigskin. steals. pegged at third.welterwe ight. grass court.round by serve round. smash cut. pitcher’s mound. keyhole area. change court. half volleys. zone defense. inside baskets. unearned runs. net ball. penalty kick. reaches first VOLLEYBALL . rebounds. peppered with 12 hits. dish out assists. five. press.diamond. best attacker/recei ver/server/blo cker/digger/se tter.booming service. hit a homerun. double fault. SOCCER FOOTBALL goalie. deep center. point BASEBALL/SOFTB ALL . ring. block. rebound. singles. spiker. innings. passing shots. TENNIS straight sets. uppercut. blocked his kill. slugfest. strike out. doubles.

Thank You! .

Contest Proper: Write a feature sport story about the best game/games in history. SPORTS WRITING Good luck mga beshy! ❤ .