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NIM: SR152090029

self-limited annoyance to a severe.increased stool liquidty.or fecal incontinence . a sense of fecal urgency.patients may use the term “diarrhea” to refer to increased frequency of bowel movement.Diarrhea  Diarrhea is a common symptom that can range in severity from an acute. lift-threatening illness.

.What was diarrhea ?  a disease when fecal or stool turned into soft or liquid which usually happens at least three times in 24 hours.

 The causes of diarrhea are the evaluation and treatment are entirely different .it is helpful to distinguish acute from chronic diarrhea. In clinical practice.

Viral-norwalk virus.norwalk-like Virus 2.Causes of acute infectious diarrhea Noninflammatory diarrhea 1. Bacterial – preformed enterotoxin production .

why could diarrhea ? Bacteria and virus Poisoning food .

What are the symptoms of diarrhea Loss of appatie Headache Nausea .

it can happen more often. If you have certain conditions.What a sign of illness diarrhea  For many people. diarrhea strikes once or twice each year.  . such as irritable bowel syndrome.

What a sign of illness diarrhea Often defecate Feces green FEVER The child crying and restless .

how to prevent diarrhea Clean Water Wash your hand with soap Take care of the nail Take care of hygiene .

What happens when late handle diarrhea Growth disorders TO DEATH .

HOW TO TREAT DIARRHEA ORALIT Bring to the hospital Drinking water Consumption of food nutritious .

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